An 8 hour drive…and the best meal I have EVER had!

Today was epic day of driving. We drove from the middle of the state, to the most Eastern part (to drop off our dogs!), then back across to the most Western part…and then onto one of the furthest West parts of New York. 8 hours in total!!

There was a lot of this:

That would be ‘Bucks, and PW driving. And yes he does have extremely short hair, he cut it himself while I was out giving a massage!!!

This is all we saw for 8 hours:

Looming storms on the horizon, and many, many farms.

Oh. And there was an $8.45 toll. Yeah, thats right. Ive never driven this far west before!

Our homestay hosts have this unbelievable museum-like house. They are so great. I keep walking around in awe looking at all the art and random collections (like for instance: foreign toasters from the 1940’s/50’s, and guns from before the Civil War). I will try to get pictures of some of this stuff! They have 2 walkthrough bookshelves just filled with vases in the living room. It’s unreal! And John is an artist, all different mediums, so his artwork is everywhere!

Anyway, so we got here around 5 and immediately started discussing dinner options. It was pizza vs. a restaurant that served all local and organic ingredients. Where the menu changes daily based on availability. Uh…no comparison there! Bring us to The Red Dove please!

PW got his usual pasta with chicken, Ethan got the pasta primavera, John got the chicken sandwich…and I just HAD to order off the specials menu. It all just looked too good!

This my friends, is the best meal I have ever had. I was trying to make it last as long as possible.

Star of the show: Hanger steak with bacon jam. YESSSS bacon! Definitely some red wine involved in that jam as well.
Local green beans with onions and garlic, al dente (ie: perfect)
Hand cut fries, that were of course delicious!

Tomorrow, we head to the usual gigantic breakfast, where PW promises to consume the “triple decker” pancakes, at a local restaurant. Supposedly the pancakes are bigger than my head! I am looking forward to the show 🙂 And tagging along for their famous hashbrowns. Because really, Ive never met a potato I didnt like!

Its been a long day, have to hit the hay for this early morning wake-up feast!


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