Goings Ons

A lot going on in this corner of the world! In case you live under a rock (or, for instance, anywhere other than new England), the North East has been in a heat wave. Oh boy have we ever! Early morning runs have been a must. It was basically too hot to clean, too hot to cook, too hot to blog, pretty much everything. PS. We dont have AC!

It is a recovery week (meaning I am only running 20 miles), so I have been able to physically feel myself gaining weight every minute.
Cue the return of this bad boy:

Yep, Ole Faithful has come out of retirement! It also helped that PW convinced me, after me whining a lot, that riding my bike will make my running faster. That whole oxygen thing. So Ive been riding like the wicked witch of the west, while watching copious amounts of The Tour and Law and Order!

Last night I had the most amazing guacamole ever. Why, oh why, do I leave my camera at home when I am bound to have the most amazing food? I did the same thing during Book Club. We had an Italian Feast with enough mozzarella and prosciutto to feed an army, and I couldn’t document it! Anyways, my friend J and I went to this really, really great restaurant called MezCal. With the intent of having guacamole and margaritas and getting into some air conditioning. After consuming probably about 1 cup of the stuff, the waiter comes over and this interaction ensues:

Waiter: “Are you all set with the guacamole? Should I take it away?”
That Runner Chick: “Yes, please! I think if I have any more I am going to turn into an avocado!”
Waiter: “…”
Waiter: “Well, that would be awkward.” And he walks away.

It was so completely hilarious (and he was deadpan while saying it) that we tipped him like…40%.

I can’t think of what else to write about because it’s been so long since Ive blogged. This is a lesson to me!

Going on something of a roadtrip tomorrow…PW is racing Musselman in a land far away on Sunday. Far away as in a 6 hour drive! I was trying to think of what I could bring for snacks on the drive and here is what I have so far:

Peas, Cucumber, Grapes, Cherries, Yogurt
And unpictured: Builder Bar, Pretzels (for PW–carbo loading!), a peach!

Long car rides make me snacky, so hopefully this will all hold me over!

Oh, and I picked up my new Garmin 310xt today from the best tri shop ever Fast Splits. Can’t wait to use it tomorrow!!


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