Fourth of July!

Ahh fourth of july. A holiday that for us usually involves a road race followed by parties! This year instead, it was a long run (for both of us) very early followed by PW’s aunt’s cookout, and then a fire with friends!

I love cookouts. Maybe even more than Thanksgiving (which is really saying something!!) I was famished after my run so when we got to their house, I immediately dug into some homemade spinach artichoke dip (perhaps my favorite appetizer, of all time??). PW’s cousin made it, and I knew it would be good because she’s never brought an un-tasty thing to a party….ever. I was not disappointed!

I followed that up with an unpictured, quickly inhaled hot dog. I am not sure what is with me and hot dogs. I acknowledge they are absolutely disgusting, I havent eaten one in 15 years, and then all of a sudden Ive had 2 in 3 weeks? Weird!

THEN! I had a small plate of Ceasar Salad, homemade pulled pork, and potato salad (not a potato salad fan but this was really good!) At this point I was getting pretty full so I had just a little of each!

Also, drank about a gallon of water!! There was about a lot of delicious looking desserts, I had a bite or two of cheesecake and this great homemade strawberry rhubarb pie!

We drove home to let the dogs out and play with them a bit before heading to a friends house down the street for “Fire Time”. The dogs were pretty exciting to see us. I tried to play with Chloe, and this picture makes it look like I was bullying her.

In return, they ganged up and attacked me!

After some quality pup time, we headed up the road to hang out with some of our friends. Its nice to have pals right down the road! We got there in time to see the fire being built:

Fire+4th of July= Inevitable S’mores! Neither PW nor I could remember the last time we had these, so we were all over it!!!

S’more montage!

And because we are all adults, we may or may not have waved our glowing marshmallow sticks around yelling things like “Lumos!” and “Expelliarmus!”, (and by we, I mean I made her do it while Tim and I yelled those things!) PS if you get that reference, we can be BFF’s!

Recovery week has started. For me, this means that today involves laying on the couch in my compression socks, drinking as much water as possible, and watching the Tour (YAY JULY!)


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