A patriotic breakfast and a running partner!

Yesterday after my run, I also had a fruit parfait from McDonalds (gasp!). It was really good. And let’s face it, way healthier than a small fry. This morning I woke up and wanted to try and recreate it! It was pretty simple of course. Just some greek yogurt layered with sliced strawberries and some blubes!

Sure, I have this combo at least 3 times a week for breakfast but it just felt more decadent eating it like this, in a glass. And come on, how patriotic is it for the holiday? All red’s, white’s, and blue’s!

After that colorful breakfast, it was time for my recovery run. 30 minutes, super easy (which is about all I could handle in the heat today!). I decided to bring a certain pup for the run…it was a test to see if she could make it! Kona, our 10 pound dog, isnt much of a runner. She likes to sniff and lay in the warm grass. Chloe though, she can really run. Like a greyhound! I took her out and lasted about 20 minutes in a wog (sprint/jog/walk). She wasnt very good at pacing herself 🙂 But, she held on and was a trooper.

This is how she spent the FOUR HOURS following the “wog”:

She was tuckered out! To her defense, she is only 7 pounds, so that was quite and effort for her!

Keeping in the colorful theme, PW’s dinner was quite the masterpiece. He rode 109 miles today in 6 hours, climbing the mountain a few times! He followed it up with a short non-wog (as in, an actual run). Of course we worked up an appetite! I made him an epic stir-fry. Zucchini, Broccoli, Red Pepper, Onions, Carrots, Spinach, and Ground Turkey.

Look at how delicious and fresh that looks!

I decided to use up some of those lentils I had hanging out in the fridge and whipped up a quick lentil soup for myself!

It was fast and tasty. All I can ask for! Sauteed some onions and carrots, added some beef broth, then the cooked lentils. Topped with some parmesan cheese and a slice of bacon and I was in business!

Tomorrow is an almost 2 hour run that I need to get underway early to beat the heat! Im even going to try out a new route to mix it up! Followed up with a PW-familia cookout in the afternoon!


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