A couple days…

smooshed into one blog post!

Where to start?

How about with Wednesday nights purchase? We finally bit the bullet and did the necessary…PW is now the proud owner of…

A sweet new MacBook pro!

The keyboard is backlit!. It’s fancy!

Next up, a trip to Hampton Beach (in NH!).

I was:

(Little Miss Sunshine! This was on J’s fridge–how cute it is??)

Stopped about 40 minutes for a quick restroom stop and saw this:

Because, really, where else would you lay your baby to play other than the side of the highway??

But finally, we arrived. And it was glorious. And I have the sunburn to prove it! Despite putting on a sweatshirt and wrapping a towel around my legs! That trip was exactly what the doctor ordered–a relaxing day on the beach with some good friends and a Wendy’s baked potato (true story!)

And today? A great 81 minute run. Well, not fast, but comfortable, and I felt like I could go on forever. Then, a massage (giving one!). And then our first houseguest ever! Our friend Custie, who PW coaches and lives in NH, is racing about 30 minutes from our house tomorrow morning, so he is staying over. We went to our favorite local restaurant, Brew City for dinner. I started with this deliciousness:

And for dinner? Half of this spinach artichoke pizza. Yes, half. I ran over 9 miles today and only had string cheese afterwards, okay?!

It was unbelievable. Like really, really good. I was craving pizza and I am perfectly satisfied! PW also had pizza–but he went with a cheese pizza with grilled chicken. Custie had this great grilled vegetable salad with chicken (the one Andy got last time we went.)

Tomorrow should be an easy day, just a 30 minute recovery run and then a cookout! Another cookout on Sunday as well! I ❤ cookouts!

PS I am sure youre wondering how is it that PW gets a new MacBook Pro and I am still fiddling around on my regular old 3G (not 3GS) iPhone? Dont worry! I ordered the new iPhone 4 and it should be here Tuesday! I may or may not have also bought a new Garmin 310xt! ETA on that: early next week as well. Juuuuust in time for my very needed recovery week!


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