Run With the Wolves 10k Race Report

To start this “race report” you need to know two things: 1) Prior to this, I hadnt done a running race in 2 years. 2) This race ended really, really badly.

I decided to do this race on Monday while we were in Lake Placid. The race was on that Wednesday Sure, it was a build week (next week is a recovery week!). I hadnt done a 5k in 2 years, or a 10k in 4 years, but no big deal, how bad could it be? It was on a bike path for goodness sakes! Unfortunately for me, the race started out downhill for the first 3.1 miles, then you turned around and ran uphill for the entire second 3.1.

Coach (and husband) told me to go out no faster than 6:50 for the first mile. I was to average 7:05’s. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Not like…8’s?”. Foolish me decided that despite me only having 1.5 weeks of speedwork under my belt, come hell or high water, I was going to hit those numbers!

Mile 1: 7:06. Ok perfect. I feel good. Everyones speeding past me but whatever, Ill catch ’em on the way back when the explode (little did I know!). My dad ran with me to prevent me from sprinting out of the gate at 6:30 pace.

Mile 2: 7:28. Getting too chatty I guess. Tried to pick it up at the end of Mile 2, really wanted to hit 7:05 for this one. Desperately thirsty. Man with a baby stroller goes sprinting by me, nonchalantly asking me how its going. I am beginning to breathe heavily. Drink 1 sip of water.

Mile 3: 8:07. This is getting ugly. Maybe I should have eaten more? Did I already use up all the carbs from the gel I had 15 minutes before the race? Why do I feel like Im going uphill? It looks downhill. Why are they handing out UNOPENED BOTTLES of water here? PW is yelling things I cant focus on because I am so hungry I am pretty sure my muscles are consuming my thought processes and actual brain.

Mile 4: 8:24. CRAP! Throw water on myself, overheating. It must be 95 degrees right now. OMG, I just threw water down my back and my shorts are stuck to me in the most uncomfortable and unflattering way ever. At this point, theres probably only walkers behind me anyways, and they are not looking at my butt.

Mile 5: 8:48. Should I just quit? My father is chatting to me as I am saying “Cant. Speak. Heart. Exploding” I look down and see pace and yell WTF!!!!! This is slower than my Zone 1 pace. Convince myself not to quit. Because if I quit I still have to get home somehow. And Ill have to make up the run volume tomorrow. Then tell myself if I finish I can quit running forever.

Mile 6: 8:57. This is getting embarrassing. Im weaving all over the path. My father is asking me what the heck is wrong with me, because I cant keep up as he is TROTTING next to me. Debate asking him to pull me for the next mile. Then debate the benefits of puking at that very second. I am so hungry I am cursing the lack of water stations out loud. For no apparent reason, because its not like they stocked food.

Last .2: 9:50. There was a hill at the very end, on the way out it was a bump in the rode. On the way in, I was pretty sure I was somehow climbing Mt. Everest in the middle of Marlborough. Knew my HR was way over 200 this point and just kept telling myself that Chrissie said I would pass out before I had a heart attack. So if I am still conscious I am good.

Crossed the finish line in 51:41 with an 8:13 average.

Lesson learned. No, not the “10k distance sucks” lesson but the “bring food and do some speed work sometime, slick” lesson.

I bonked SO HARD. This is epic tale of exploding during a race. Im supposed to run a marathon in 11 weeks? Eep! However, stay tuned, because to teach myself a lesson (okay, really just to prove to myself I dont suck really bad), I am doing a 5k next weekend at the end of my recovery week.

So anyways, I was immediately back on the saddle. I have a 125 minute split run to complete tomorrow. And I will eat a lot and it will most likely end up being faster than my 10k pace. Whatever!

We left immediately post race. Today in the mail I got an award. They mailed it to me (Ive never had a running race do that before?!). I appreciated it but do not like the reminder of how awful I felt. It took me 3 days just to write a race report because I didnt want to relive it!


Oh, Ironman!

The race of the year was yesterday. It was an awesome day for QT2 and for most people out there!!! It was a great year to cheer–we knew a lot of people out there working their bums off!

The night before the race we headed to the Brewery for dinner and drinks again…and ran into this:

Its a man, on a unicycle, juggling knives. In Lake Placid. The night before the race.

Race day was also filled with hilarity, as our friends Paul and Ryan dressed up in festive speedos and shook pom-poms at the racers.

The guru was in full effect out there on the course. Here he is with Mr. Snow (Tim’s dad) comparing notes:

And a view of the lake, post-swim:

It was a GREAT day overall! Lots of PRs, lots of Kona qualifyin’ (going to be a great party in Hawaii this year!), including Tim getting his first pro podium (5th place), Cait was 2nd overall, and Tim Tapply was 3rd amateur overall. We have many fast and hardcore friends!

The rest of the day includes watching the rolldown, going to awards, doing some post race massages, a little run, and a little bike. And watching the weekly Lake Placid triathlon at 6pm!!

Busy Days!

A couple of busy days here in Lake Placid! For some reason I forgot how busy it would be with all the massagin’! Its been non-stop, I am looking forward to today. My only agenda is the team breakfast at 8 (pictures to come this afternoon!), a long run, and some SHOPPING! Haven’t even gotten to hit up the Gap Outlet yet (unheard of!). I have gotten all my running and biking in though, and am definitely feeling it. We are trying to squish all our workouts into Mon-Sat this week so we can have Sunday off to do nothing but CHEER!

Have a couple pictures for you from the last couple days…

Every morning, Ive been starting out with one of these:

Grande non-fat skinny caramel macchiato please! (I cant believe I am one of those people now, the ones with the 15 word coffee request. Only for this week!)

Ive been pretty spot on with the diet all-week, I can tell Ive been leaning up from being diligent alone. However, Ive been allowing myself one treat at dinner every night IF I am exactly on target all day. Heres one of said (delicious) treats. Pretzel nuggets from the lake Placid Brewery (we had never been until this year!)

Though I did not partake in these, the picture looked too delicious not to post. Jim made these on Thursday morning!

Even if I wasnt working out at all this week, Id be getting some exercise in the form of walking up the hill to our house. It is this crazy 8-10% incline climb, its so bad I used it for my hillbounding on Wednesday. I had to do TWO pictures because its that long!

And finally, a view of Mirror Lake and a view of the QT2 Q&A post swim!

Now I am off to the team breakfast! Should be a good one, a lot of people are going, and the food is notoriously good! Check back before for the next installment!

Core-Friendly Dinner for 11? No problem!

Why does dinner taste so delicious when someone else makes it for you?

George and Rosie, who are awesome, took on the endeavor of making dinner for all the people in the house tonight. With the core-friendly requirement. They hit it out of the ballpark! While they did this, this is what the dining room table looked like:

(I swear they wouldnt let us help!)

Note, we are all lap-topping!

A couple action shots of the building of what would end up being an EPIC (I dont use this term lightly) salad:

As I recovered from my workouts today with one of these:

It was everything I dreamed it would be!

Sat down to dinner with a salad made of all local farm grown veggies with blueberries and strawberries too:

It was so good…that 2 salads were needed! Come on, it was 11 athletes eating!

Side note: Rosie drank a duck glass of white wine while she was cooking, how cute is she? And how cute and wine appropriate is that glass?!?

The rest of dinner (chicken in a sundried tomato marinade, tons of different veggies)

And check out Pams dinner, she wanted me to take a picture of it because her dinner was a little more photogenic!

Our house at dinner (missing Billy, Tracy, Claire, Jesse, and Chrissie though–they are on their ways up now!)

The core is so easy to follow when someone is making delicious and nutritious meals for me to eat (and salads with all those different, healthy colors! Great dinner, great company, great place.

I know I say it all the time but: I love Lake Placid!

Up early tomorrow for some hill bounding…look for me out there, Ill be in a bright orangey shirt!

I love Farmer’s Markets

Especially when they’re in Lake Placid (everything tastes better up here, right?)

Left with all kinds of local grown veggies for an epic salad (pictures of dinner to come…after dinner! 15 people are eating with tonight, should be crazy!) As well as a pint of berries for the husband, he loves those farmer’s market blueberries!!

It took a lot to resist the Chevre!


I am in Lake Placid. The land of many caramel macchiatos and blog updates. You know why? I have no other obligations!!

Yesterday, we awoke bright and early and I headed an hour south to drop off the dogs at the in-laws and drive back to our house (sound familiar? Eerily similar to last week!) We then packed up the car and drove the 5 hours to LAKE PLACID! I cannot complain about that drive at all, because it is a labor of love!

Our view, pretty much the entire way up:

We arrived, I did a jig, and immediately changed and started my run (at 4pm!). A quick 55 minutes with 2 by 7:30 at Z2 and I was back at the house! Showered, did a massage, and went to dinner with (that was for you Andy!).

Our view from dinner:

Can’t beat that!!

Today I woke up with the sun because I have been looking forward to a ‘Bucks coffee for a WEEK! Hobbled down the severe incline hill next to our house and got my long awaited grande non-fat caramerl macchiato and REJOICED!

Post expresso, I banged out another run around Mirror Lake (ps I refuse to run on Main St so I just do 20min back and forth on back half of lake!) and was done by 8:30am! I will post pictures later of the views here (spectacular) as well as FOOD! Oh and downtown, because it’s so adorable. But for now, here is a picture of my view right now as I update my blog:

(Hi Jay and Ghelf!) Everyone else in the house is meandering about getting ready for their ride, or in my husbands case, finishing his THREE LOOP SWIM (hes doing his monster set in the Lake–6200 yards!). I am going to ride the trainer in a little bit–need to keep it recovery because I have hill bounding tomorrow morning (dun dun dun…cue ominous music).

Get ready for a serious amount of blog entries this week my friends…another one coming at you this afternoon!

Quick run-down of my day:

Woke up and had my default breakfast this morning: vanilla greek yogurt atop sliced strawberries. And then headed out on a 34 minute run. It appears Chloe also enjoys Greek Yogurt:

Post-run, snacked on some watermelon! Love, love, love watermelon. My mom gave us an entire HALF of one, so I dont know if I can even eat it fast enough!

Made PWs lunch for work, ate my weight in cucumbers:

And then headed out for a few errands. Which was meant to be hitting up GNC for some Glutamine powder and stopping at the ‘Bucks. I got sidetracked by the DSW in the mall next to GNC though!!!

Cute right? I used to hate Gladiator sandals but I am starting to dig them. Anyway, finally got to Starbucks and put this Venti Iced Green Tea to shame:

And now? Now I ride my bike. My long run is tomorrow, and I need to be up at 6 to run before it gets too hot, which these days means anything over 85 degrees for me! So I need to bang out this bike ride so that I can get to bed early!!!

Countdown to Lake Placid: 3 sleeps!!

I would just like to clarify, I know my day today seems extra leisurely, but I did all my chores/errands yesterday so today could be a hang out day! I went to the bank, target, grocery store, did 5 loads of laundry, mowed the lawn and made TWO nice dinners. Don’t want y’all to think Im wasting my summer vacation by sitting around all day 😉

PS if you look at the pictures above, one picture was meant to include Chloe, but she also photobombed 2 other ones!!!

Lunch+Math/Hawaii Pictures

A seemingly random title, I know, but it will all become clear in a moment!

I woke up bright and early this morning due to our littlest dogs littlest bladder! After a cup of coffee, a glass of water, and an english muffin, I embarked on a hill bounding run. I looked forward to this run all week. I remembered how much I loved hill bounding when training for Ragnar last year. Clearly, I was remembering probably my very last set of bounding before the race, when I was lean and fit and fast. Today I did not have that luxury of feeling speedy. I felt like an elephant skiing uphill. SIGH. Well, only 6 more weeks of them, right?

Luckily, I was able to return home and get excited for a lunch date I had today. To do MATH. At PANERA. Two of my favorite things! I met up with my cousin Nina at the local one to help refresh her Algebra memory for an upcoming test. Oh, and to eat some soup and salad.

Clearly I was starving post-workout. I got the you-pick-two with chicken soup, half of a cobb salad (no egg, dressing on the side!) and a lemonade. It was reallllly good.

Clearly, Nina approves of her soup too!

Nothing else too exciting happened today. I read an entire book. Ahh, summer vacation. I found this new author I really like Tess Gerritson. I have read about 5 of her books in the last 2 weeks. I am trying to pace myself because even though I download them on my Kindle, they are still $6-$8 each, and its an expensive daily habit!

And because I have nothing else to write about today, here are a couple pictures from our Hawaiian wedding/honeymoon/racecation last year. I picked these because they are the ones I still can’t believe I saw with my own eyes. They look like postcards! That whole vacation feels like a dream. My mother-in-law and I often talk about how we can’t believe it really happened!

Well, only 3 more months until we go back 🙂 Oh, and there’s always that little Lake Placid rendezvous we have planned coming up. You know, my favorite vacation spot of all time. I am so excited for the upcoming trip that I literally can’t even think about it!!


So, like I said this afternoon, Ive had an irresistible craving for Chipotle for over a week now. But I just couldnt give in! So I attempted to recreate my own version, in hopes it would quiet my stomach.

Diced up some chicken breasts:

Cooked them with some fajita seasoning and a whole sliced onion:

Cooked up the other half of standard fajita vegetables in a separate pan (I hate red peppers, what can I say?!) and wilted some spinach along with it, for PWs filling!

My favorite part, the toppings.

Wait! Is that? It looks like….

YUP! Chobani! I really do eat this a lot don’t I? It is a perfect non-fat, high protein sour cream replacement! And I feel very strongly that sour cream is a necessary burrito staple!

Piled high!

A closer look? The only thing I am missing is black beans!

It looked so pretty before I folded that sucker up. Now its just a boring old exploding burrito:

PS We used Joseph’s Lavash Bread for our wraps!

They were, of course, delicious!!

A lunch, a purchase, some grocery shopping.

Finally started speedwork on my runs! Yesterday was 2x5min Zone 2. Harder then I thought it would be after almost 3 months of going easy! When I got home I was famished and quickly threw together lunch.

Turkey, spinach, and tomato (my standard go to sandwich!)

With a side of a thoroughly ripe peach:

The most exciting news of the week thus far though?? My new phone FINALLY arrived, 2 weeks after I ordered it:

I am so in love with it! Now, remember I had the 3G (not the 3GS) before, so anything is newfangled and awesome to me. Ive been taking videos like its going out of style! It feels slimmer and lighter than my previous one. AND I have had none of the problems Ive been reading about?? Maybe Im just lucky or too technologically un-savvy to do anything that would bring those problems upon me!!

After doing a massage this morning, I headed to the only grocery store around that carries Naturally More, our peanut butter of choice. While there, I decided to stock up on ingredients to make burritos too. Ive been craving Chipotle pretty much daily, but with the ridiculous amount of Carbs and Fat in a burrito from there, I just cant do it all the time! Heres an example, whenever I go to Chipotle this is what I order:

Chicken Burrito
No Rice
Black Beans
Mild Salsa
Tiny bit of medium salsa
Tiny bit of Sour cream

Looks pretty darn healthy right? I even leave out the rice to cut down on unnecessary (white) carbs!

But the nutritional layout? 760 calories, 27g of fat, 77g of carbs, and 50g of protein. HOLY MOLY! Thats an insanely large lunch for someone of my weight and body fat composition!!

Anyway, now that Ive dissected Chipotle and why it can only be a cheat from here on out, heres what I picked up at the grocery store for a grand total of $36.04. Note the lack of fresh produce other than the onion, its because I just went to the store Monday and stocked up!

On my agenda for the rest of the day? I have a 15 minute recovery run (gotta love that!) and an hour bike, oh and some serious reading to do! Its a rainy day (finally) and I am taking advantage of it!

Will post dinner recipe tonight…well, after dinner!