A day in the eats of @thatrunnerchick

I decided to blog a post of all the food I eat in one day. To preface this: today I ran for 60 minutes, tomorrow (very early am) I am running for 1hour 47 minutes, so between that and my recent lackluster runs…theres some extra carbs thrown in at dinner time!

I woke up at 6:55 (thanks PW!) and immediately headed for a cup of coffee and my new go-to pre run snack: dates!

Post-run I had a scoop of orange Endurox while showering, and followed it up with a serious amount of fruit.

Lunch was a big salad, filled with pretty much all the produce from yesterday. Including an entire cucumber. And a blueberry greek yogurt on the side!

1.5 hours later…some peas (right outta the pod!) and a piece of dark chocolate!

An hour later I was hungry again…so I made some hummus (recipe to be posted tomorrow AM!), and had that with some Stacy’s Pita Chips (again, a snack I should not have in the house!) Here is a preview:

I started to feel pretty rundown again right before dinner time (and knew it was due to lack of protein. Just havent been digging meat lately!) I debated what to do. I knew the multivitamin from last night couldnt have fixed my iron levels yet (if that was the problem) and I realized I hadnt had any grains other than a few chips so I went with a huge core no-no…spaghetti! With good old-fashioned red meat on top. With a piece of garlic bread on the side for good measure. Hey, if I’m running at 6am, its just stocking up the glycogen stores, right?

Dessert will probably be some watermelon!

Update on the run: I went out earlier today (running at 8), and I felt much better. Whether it was the dates or the vitamin or the lack of heat, it went wayyy better. My pace was still off but I felt worlds better than yesterdays run! It ended on a downer though. The last half mile to our house to straight uphill. Its killer on a normal day. Today, I turned the corner 1/4 of the way up to keep running uphill and run directly into 8 men on detail from the county prison van. Awesome. One (very) overweight guard smoking a cigarette that I wouldnt trust to get me a cup of coffee nevermind protect me from these dudes. I did what any woman in this position would do (I hope), I turned around and ran the other way home. They probably werent super dangerous peeps, it was only community service, but no way am I taking my chances any group of 8 guys hanging out at 8am and no one else around!

Cross your fingers for me that the red meat/extra carbs/vitamins/hydration of tonight will allow me a good run tomorrow! And I will post the hummus recipe before I head out tomorrow!


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