Mathlete Party!

The last 2 weeks of school are crazy! I hardly have time to run, nevermind come up with and make interesting and nutritious meals! Lucky for all you peeps (or maybe unlucky?), the last day is TUESDAY! And then I will have nothing to do but run, shop, and cook!!!

Thursday night was our departments end of the year party. We all brought something (I brought that Sangria and pizza, which by the way, were both gone by the end of the night!). I tasted just about everything, and by 10:30, I was exhausted (from all the food? or from the 8miles I ran at 5am? Doesnt matter!!). Here is a collage of all the fun stuff we ate!

Oh, and there were Chinchilla’s! Meet Rocky!

And at the end of the night, someone definitely ended up in the pool, fully clothed. It was pure awesome.

My sister-in-law ran her first 5k today (and I morally supported her by running next to her the entire way, yelling in her face, not just kidding, I just yapped about gossip the whole time next to her!). David Ortiz and Mike Timlin were at the race too (it was in honor of his mother). I may or may not have stood in line with all the 7 year olds to get a picture of Timlin, and I might or might not have babbled unable to get over his MIKE TIMLIN-NESS (ps hes my favorite pitcher ever). ANYWAYS, she did fantastic, and demolished her goal by EIGHT MINUTES!!!! I have pictures, but I took them on my point and shoot, and I cant find the USB cord for it!!

I have to get up muchos early tomorrow to bang out a 1hour41 minute run, because

1) its supposed to be super hot out
2) i have to give a massage at 2
3) i am going to the Foreigner/Styx/Kansas concert!!! Some of our students are singing with Foreigner and it will be so cool to be there to see it! Side note: Ive been walking up and down the halls at work singing “Alllll we are is dust in the wiiiiiiind” for the last week, in anticipation of the concert!!!

And lastly, I want this digital camera bag from Epihanie so bad!!!

How cute and stylish would I be when I bust out my DSLR in the middle of fancy restaurants? I could totally picture myself carrying that into Bocado and an epic blog post ensuing!!!


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