Where have I been?

On a recovery week, thats where! It was also a super stressful week, waiting for my MTEL results, which I got on Friday. It was good news (fantastically, awesome, I have a job for next year news even!), but the days leading up to it were sleepless!

Friday, PW and I celebrated the good news with PIZZA!!!


And getting a membership to BJ’s, which was pretty cool in and of itself. Check out some of our wares:

That picture right there is a dried fruit fiesta! And check out the bag of veggie burgers! That is some serious YUM right there!

Saturday was a college graduation party….with some homemade barbecue!

Including brisket, pulled pork, something called Bacon Explosion (wasnt a fan, believe it or not!), and some ribs…which I did not eat because they gross me out! Also some mac’n’cheese and corn bread, regular old southern feast!

Recovery week ended yesterday with an 85 minute run yesterday while spectating the Ashland Olympic Triathlon, This week is back to the grind with 32 miles and a 1hr40min long run on Sunday. Le sigh. BUT!
UPDATE ON THE HEART RATE SITUATION! After a week of solid sleep and not waking up early to run, my heart rate was normal on my runs, and my pace was the same! So that is awesome. It makes me question whether the drop/abnormal low was due to the fact I was running at 5am having only been awake for 20minutes. My core system didnt have a chance to warm up/I was practically still asleep. Lesson learned!

Still, I bought the Garmin Soft Heart Rate strap to double check whether my strap was reading (read a lot of reviews saying it was more accurate!). Whether its more accurate or not–its AWESOME! The original strap never was small enough to wrap around my ribs. I had to tuck it into my sports bra so it didnt slip down. Not with the new one! Its great!

One week of school left–crazy! And now I can thoroughly enjoy my summer knowing I have a job next year! Hooray!!


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