The snack I should never keep in the house!

Dinner was leftover from my brother in laws graduation party, that PW brought home yesterday (yep, his brother was graduating high school too!). Filet (I had the other half on top of my salad for lunch today!!), roasted potatoes with rosemary, and fresh green beans. SO GOOD!

I was still a little hungry so I busted out some of the pita chips I had leftover from the weekend (they were my pre-run snack both days–so carby and good!). I literally cant keep the real pita chips on the house (Joseph’s core friendly ones are okay!), because if I have hummus in the fridge–I CANT STOP!

Soooo fantastic:

I had to put the hummus in the fridge and the chips on the top shelf so I wouldn’t be tempted to grab another. There were way too many of these:

To distract me from the hummus still calling my name, Im going to go bond with my BFF the Foam Roller. I love the foam roller. Every morning and night I literally roll my entire body over it, I lay my head on it and roll it down my back, the back of my legs, and to my feet. And then I do the normal calf, hamstring, quad, and ITB focus! So good!


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