Graduation Party Food?? Yes, please!

This weekend was BUSY! We headed up to New Hampshire Friday night, PW was racing the Mooseman Olympic on Saturday. Stopped for spaghetti on the way up, arrived, hung out with some Cyclonauts and our QT2 BFFs and then hit the hay! It rained allll day Saturday, that is until it was time for my run! Then it was just meltingly muggy. I was happy with the weather and the hilly terrain though–it solved my low HR problem!!

Sunday I watched the beginning of the 70.3 run while doing the first half of my split run (60min in the AM, 40min in the PM), all while yelling obscenities at the pro’s drafting! I drove home at 10AM so I could make it to graduation for 1! I have no pictures from the races unfortunately, because of the weather. And for some reason I forgot my camera when we went out to this awesome Irish restaurant for lunch–blasted!

Graduation was like all other graduations in the history of their existence…long, drawn out, hot and uncomfortable! But then it was time to EAT! So I couldnt complain! Remember…the party started at 4:30…and I still had to run again!

The food was delicious though! WARNING: The food items in these pictures are NOT CORE FRIENDLY!! But are magically delicious (Rodek!)

My mother made her famous fruit and regular salads:

Some snacks (Pepperoni is so not good for you…and yet I could eat my body weight in it. Surprising? Not really!)

There was also some filet minion steak tips that I ate too fast to take a picture of!

My brothers request, his favorite pizza (Him and his friends ate a metric ton of it!!)

Also, this picture looks so fantastic I could cry. I want to crawl into my blog and EAT IT AGAIN!

Dessert is where it is AT though!

A closer look at the cupcakes? Well, alright.

I ate myself SICK! And then proceeded to run. Awesome, I know. I felt so ill, but I ran very fast (for me), so Ill take it! I cant believe I think of Marlborough as flat now…while running and watching my pace go down, all I could think was “what the heck?!” because when I lived there, it was so hilly!

Still not sure what is going on with my heart rate/pace. It makes me nervous! During this four week build, my pace has gone from 10min miles to 8:20’s at the same heart rate. In fact, its a BATTLE to get my Heart rate into zone 1! Sometimes falling or being so low I feel like I should walk, because it feels like its beating fast! (Checked, its not the Garmin or strap!)

Id say it was fitness but really, its only been 4 weeks, not that much oxygen is getting in there!!
Anyone have any ideas???

Cant believe I only have 6 more days of teaching left 😦 Then its finals and summer!

Im having an awesome dinner tonight. Check back in tonight for details!

Until then…Im taking my recovery week to the fullest!


4 responses

  1. why wouldn’t it be fitness??? aren’t you running faster at a lower/same HR? isn’t thast a good thing? or am I missing the physiology behind it?
    it’s monday, sorry.

    • it could be, its REMARKABLY low sometimes. like when i stopped to walk, my heart rate was 45 (my RHR is 55!), or running straight up a hill as fast as I can and my heart rate is 110 (my Zone 1 STARTS at 155!), just weird things like that, makes me nervous! Even when I was in peak shape for Ragnar, this wasnt happening!

  2. Just for kicks, have you tried replacing the battery in your HR strap or even a different HR monitor altogether just to check that your garmin is working correctly? Otherwise, rock on!

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