Run problems, In-a-fix dinner, favorite snack, and I <3 TheBux

Okay first things first, two pictures from this weekend. First, an action shot of PW trimming our hedges (we own HEDGES!) for the first time…its an action shot because a car is action-ing behind him!

And a fluke at Starbucks on Memorial Day ended up in 4 of these for just the two of us!
(The fourth one was in my hand…as I was drinking it!)

You see, I walked in and ordered two large iced coffees. Well as fate would have it, they were all out of large iced cups. Yes, really. So she offered to give me two mediums to compensate for each large. For the same price. SIGN ME UP! I love coffee and I love deals.
They were delicious.

I have super, super tired as of late. The early wake ups and increased running mileage has caught up to me. Resulting in “low heart rate syndrome” (I made that up!). I cannot, for the life of me, get my heart rate into Zone 1. I averaged 128bpm this morning, my zone 1 STARTS at 155! Absurd. I walked at one point, because I was out of breath sprinting up a hill (with a HR of 115 by the way), and my heart rate was…get this…47! FORTY-SEVEN! Thats crazy. Needless to say I cut my run half an hour short, came home, and laid on the floor for 15 minutes.

When you are tired from work, (or at least this happens to me), the last thing I want to do is cook. So I went to the ol’ stand by: SMOOTHIE!

Sooooo delicious. Drinking it as I type out this entry! Thank to Boston Triathlon Team for the glass!! (Maybe we should get some QT2 ones??

Last thing, here is my favorite snack. My favorite…well, almost my favorite food! Thats quite a title to hold. I introduce to you, Morningstar Farms garden Vegetable Veggie Burgers.

They are “approved”, despite tasting delicious and almost fried?? :

The trick to cooking them to deliciousness? The toaster. Not the toaster oven. The toaster. Put it in and send it through at least 3 cycles of toasting! It comes out crispy and delicious. Seriously feels like a treat!!

Quick side note/question: How do you guys deal with door to door salesmen? I swear, if I didnt have PW, my house would be filled to the brim with STUFF. I once bought $300 worth of meat off the back of a truck. Really. Long story, but it goes to show how gullible I am, AND what a bleeding heart I am when it comes to this stuff!


3 responses

  1. Love the smoothie! Started using the cottege cheese and soy milk since your first blog mention of it and after a couple of batches I am finally used to the “unique” C-cheese texture – been making killer smoothies!

    Funny about the “bleeding heart”… I can’t let mrs. pw (not to be confused with Mrs. PW) answer the phone because she doesn’t know how to say “NO”… But know this and maybe it will help you – typically, these donation-phone-calling-organizations take in the area of 75% OR MORE of the donation you give, for “administrative purposes”. You’re MUCH better off writing a check directly your town’s police, fire, school, pop warner football, little league baseball, whatever group, rather than writing it to the group “calling on behalf of…”
    I always keep that in mind when I get those calls…

    keep the blogs rolling – and have fun up at Moosey!
    (and yes, more QT2 goodies needed – how bout stickers for our aero helmets?)

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