Miss me?

Thing have been cuh-razy around here!! Memorial Day Weekend was beautiful. Full of running and yard work. We finally mulched our yard!

Also had a nutty run this morning. I only 25 minutes on the schedule–no big deal, right? Or so I thought. Running, running, unable to get my heart rate into Zone 1. Sprinting just to get my heart into the bottom of the right zone! I ended up averaging 8:30s…in my recovery heart rate zone. I made some guy get a pretty sweet workout in too–because I was all out sprinting low 7minute miles, and I could tell he didnt want a girl to catch him so he was sprinting too (a la Phoebe from friends–arms practically flailing!). Your welcome mystery 5am runner 🙂 PW said maybe this is a hint to start incorporating ZR runs into my plan…probably a good idea, because I am clearly tired!

Currently baking cookies for one of my classes. One of the gals in there is moving to Brazil next week, and tomorrow is her last day in our Algebra class. She is so sweet, I figured Id make chocolate chip cookies to send her off with!

I have an hour run before school tomorrow, thankfully its MCAS this week, which means I have 2 hours to sit and watch kids take a test before I have to do any teaching! My brother is graduating from High School on Sunday…sniff sniff. Graduation rehearsal was today, he and his friends came upstairs to visit me, so sad!

Off to not burn the cookies!!


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