New Addition!

After some suggestions from some faithful blog readers, I realized it was time to create a central point for all the recipes I post. I added a link at the top of the page, not-ironically entitled “Recipes/Meal Ideas”. You can also find it here.

Eventually, I’d like to have all the recipes have all the recipes on there without links to the original blog entries, but it will be time-consuming, and not just a job for one afternoon!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for how to make the Recipes tab better, or any other pages you think I should add (and About Me page is coming soon!)


Easy peasy hummus.

After making this, I will never again buy hummus at the grocery store. Its just so easy and so cheap I can’t justify paying $4 at the store!

Here are the players:

Put the entire can of (drained) chickpeas into the food processer, BUT! First, save a little but of the chickpea juice to use at the end of the recipe (I know, gross image, but I felt the need to call it that!)

To the chickpeas add:

2 Tblsp Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed, come on! The recipe only takes 5 minutes!)
2 Tblsp Olive Oil

Puree that as smooth as you can. This is probably as far as you’ll get at this point:

Now is when you add the liquid from the chickpea can, little by little, until you get the desire consistency. This is how mine looked:

Now add whatever you want for flavorings. Notice there is no tahini in the recipe. Because really, who has that stocked in their house? Anyway, because of the lack of tahini, it doesnt have much of a flavor. Just like…chickpeas and olive oil.

Here are some flavoring ideas:

Roasted garlic
Carmelized onion
Veggies (throw them in the food processor first so theyre nice and tiny!)
OR dig a well in the middle and put some olive oil in the middle (makes for a nice presentation!)

If you have ever read my blog before, you know what I picked for my hummus. Because it is my default topping for anything and everything. And my favorite.

Carmelized onion:

Mix well!

So very delicious.

Shout out to my sister-in-law Dawn who made my Core-friendly Fruit Dip for a wedding shower this weekend, and said it was a hit!

A day in the eats of @thatrunnerchick

I decided to blog a post of all the food I eat in one day. To preface this: today I ran for 60 minutes, tomorrow (very early am) I am running for 1hour 47 minutes, so between that and my recent lackluster runs…theres some extra carbs thrown in at dinner time!

I woke up at 6:55 (thanks PW!) and immediately headed for a cup of coffee and my new go-to pre run snack: dates!

Post-run I had a scoop of orange Endurox while showering, and followed it up with a serious amount of fruit.

Lunch was a big salad, filled with pretty much all the produce from yesterday. Including an entire cucumber. And a blueberry greek yogurt on the side!

1.5 hours later…some peas (right outta the pod!) and a piece of dark chocolate!

An hour later I was hungry again…so I made some hummus (recipe to be posted tomorrow AM!), and had that with some Stacy’s Pita Chips (again, a snack I should not have in the house!) Here is a preview:

I started to feel pretty rundown again right before dinner time (and knew it was due to lack of protein. Just havent been digging meat lately!) I debated what to do. I knew the multivitamin from last night couldnt have fixed my iron levels yet (if that was the problem) and I realized I hadnt had any grains other than a few chips so I went with a huge core no-no…spaghetti! With good old-fashioned red meat on top. With a piece of garlic bread on the side for good measure. Hey, if I’m running at 6am, its just stocking up the glycogen stores, right?

Dessert will probably be some watermelon!

Update on the run: I went out earlier today (running at 8), and I felt much better. Whether it was the dates or the vitamin or the lack of heat, it went wayyy better. My pace was still off but I felt worlds better than yesterdays run! It ended on a downer though. The last half mile to our house to straight uphill. Its killer on a normal day. Today, I turned the corner 1/4 of the way up to keep running uphill and run directly into 8 men on detail from the county prison van. Awesome. One (very) overweight guard smoking a cigarette that I wouldnt trust to get me a cup of coffee nevermind protect me from these dudes. I did what any woman in this position would do (I hope), I turned around and ran the other way home. They probably werent super dangerous peeps, it was only community service, but no way am I taking my chances any group of 8 guys hanging out at 8am and no one else around!

Cross your fingers for me that the red meat/extra carbs/vitamins/hydration of tonight will allow me a good run tomorrow! And I will post the hummus recipe before I head out tomorrow!

Farmers Market!

Another rough run today–what the heck is going on? I haven’t had a running week like this since…well, since I started running. The motivation to get out there is hard, because I know how miserable its going to end up. This week will be 34 slow, torturous miles, with a 12 mile run on Sunday. What could be the cause of this?? I haven’t taken my vitamins in 2 weeks, and I have been running in the afternoon. Maybe I have low iron (havent been eating ANY red meat either?!) and am too full? Tomorrow I go the opposite route: I took a multi vitamin and fish oils this afternoon and plan to run at 7am. Hopefully I get my mojo back, because this is really demoralizing!!

I went to visit my grandpa today–he has an epic yard. Fruit trees and berry bushes galore. When I was young I used to eat black raspberries by the pint. Multiple pints a say. And why not? I could just waltz over and pick them until my little 9 year old heart was content! They are still my favorite fruit, and nothing compares to berries picked fresh! There are a couple of red raspberries in there too!

Another bonus of visiting my grandpa was visiting my mom! She told me to let her know when I was coming down and she would pick up my other favorite summertime snack–fresh peas! Well, bonus!, she grabbed me some other stuff too!

Farm fresh romaine lettuce, blueberries, cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, zucchini, and summer squash! Yum to the max:

You can bet tomorrows meals will consist of a massive salad and some grilled veggies with dinner!!!

What to do with all the fruit in my fridge plus these fresh additions? A metric ton of fruit salad of course!

Look at that delicious, red and heart-healthy, carby goodness!

I am going to pour a vanilla brown cow greek yogurt over the top and call it a day.

Now to tend to these sleepy (wimpy!) legs, I see a foam roller in my future for sure!

Turkey meatballs that are a meal in itself! Two versions–core, and sinful!

I was going to make lentil burgers…but my oats seem to have gone missing? Hmmm. So I opted to make tomorrow nights dinner tonight instead! Turkey meatballs and sweet potato fries.

This was my stormy window view as I prepared:

Okay, to get the party started, chop an onion and a clove of garlic (smush the garlic first!). Carmelize onions.

They should go from this:

To this:

While that magic is happening, scrub a sweet potato and then cut into rounds. I like to microwave my rounds first (for about 1min30 seconds) to cut down on cooking time. I prefer my sweet tates cooked low and slow, but like the name says, they take a while! Then plop those down on a Pam’ed cookie sheet, sprinkle with salt, and send them into the oven at 300. They take about 45 minutes, so get them started ASAP!

Once your onion/garlic mixture is done, combine 1 pound of the leanest turkey you can find (normally it doesnt matter what percent I get because we George Foreman it–but this is going straight to the oven!), 1 egg white, “some” breadcrumbs (this is supposed to be core friendly remember!), salt and pepper. Mix ’em all up. With your hands!

Shape them into balls and put them back into your onion pan, turning and cooking until browned all around!



Finish them off in the oven with our sweets!

While those were cooking away, I started on the sinful (and delicious) ones! As we all know, in That Runner Chick’s world, bacon makes everything more delicious!

I chopped up the above and added it to the other half of the turkey/onion mixture. I also added a little parmesan. I rolled two small meatballs and put a thumbprint in each:

You know why? Because in addition to bacon making everything better, so does cheese!

Put the two pieces together, and then follow the rest of the recipe from above! Brown ’em up and toss ’em in the oven!

By the way, this little device, given to me by Mama R makes the transfer from frying pan to baking pan a breeze!

My suggestion is serving this dinner with a nice glass of Shiraz. And enjoy the photo shoot below!

YUM! Dessert is some watermelon, the rest of that glass of wine, and handful of gummy bears. Lentil burgers tomorrow, I promise!

Back to normal!

School is over! This means cooking resumes, woot! So to kick things off, last night I made PW one of our easy go to meals for weeknights: stir fry. Ground turkey, onions, red pepper, broccoli, carrot, and spinach. With some seasoning and a smidge of olive to get things going!

Today I hit the grocery store in anticipation of three NEW recipes I want to figure out (I have to make the recipe first!), along with stocking up on our fridge defaults: fruit and yogurt.

This is an average cart for us, usually there are 2 of these a week! Hints for the upcoming recipes: ground turkey, lentils, and chickpeas (hello Wheeler staples!). Tonight, I am going to try to make lentil burgers. get excited! And check back after dinner time for some detailed opinions on whether they can really compare to my Morningstar Veggie Burgers!

You might also notice a lot of fruit in that cart:

Bloobs, Strawberries, Raspberries, Plum, Peach, Watermelon, Red Grapes, and Cherries. This will literally only last us at most 3 days!

Have I mentioned how much I love watermelon??

Almost as much as I love cherries!

I also may or may not have made a serious amount of cookies for our neighbors:

And then I may or may not have tried one!

Don’t worry, they were delish. Look! 2 cookies in love


I am going to go do approximately 63 loads of laundry (okay 3!), to get caught up after the last week of madness, and then, let the cooking begin!

PS, I had a terrible, terrible run today. The kind where you lay down in a random yard because youre bonking so hard youre getting tunnel vision. The weather is BRUTAL out there today, be safe! Bring water!

Mathlete Party!

The last 2 weeks of school are crazy! I hardly have time to run, nevermind come up with and make interesting and nutritious meals! Lucky for all you peeps (or maybe unlucky?), the last day is TUESDAY! And then I will have nothing to do but run, shop, and cook!!!

Thursday night was our departments end of the year party. We all brought something (I brought that Sangria and pizza, which by the way, were both gone by the end of the night!). I tasted just about everything, and by 10:30, I was exhausted (from all the food? or from the 8miles I ran at 5am? Doesnt matter!!). Here is a collage of all the fun stuff we ate!

Oh, and there were Chinchilla’s! Meet Rocky!

And at the end of the night, someone definitely ended up in the pool, fully clothed. It was pure awesome.

My sister-in-law ran her first 5k today (and I morally supported her by running next to her the entire way, yelling in her face, not just kidding, I just yapped about gossip the whole time next to her!). David Ortiz and Mike Timlin were at the race too (it was in honor of his mother). I may or may not have stood in line with all the 7 year olds to get a picture of Timlin, and I might or might not have babbled unable to get over his MIKE TIMLIN-NESS (ps hes my favorite pitcher ever). ANYWAYS, she did fantastic, and demolished her goal by EIGHT MINUTES!!!! I have pictures, but I took them on my point and shoot, and I cant find the USB cord for it!!

I have to get up muchos early tomorrow to bang out a 1hour41 minute run, because

1) its supposed to be super hot out
2) i have to give a massage at 2
3) i am going to the Foreigner/Styx/Kansas concert!!! Some of our students are singing with Foreigner and it will be so cool to be there to see it! Side note: Ive been walking up and down the halls at work singing “Alllll we are is dust in the wiiiiiiind” for the last week, in anticipation of the concert!!!

And lastly, I want this digital camera bag from Epihanie so bad!!!

How cute and stylish would I be when I bust out my DSLR in the middle of fancy restaurants? I could totally picture myself carrying that into Bocado and an epic blog post ensuing!!!

Sangria that works–finally, and some party pizza!

First off, hello to whoever googled “1950 fruit dip” and ended up at my blog. Welcome.

So, after many tries (okay, 1 yesterday and another today), I have found a sangria that works! Thanks to my sister-in-law Dawn (who is doing her first 5k on Saturday!!). I also got MANY more recipes to try…so expect that to be a monthly occurrence on this ol’ blog, since its almost summer vacation!

Heres the recipe I used:

1.5 large bottles red wine (I used Cab!)
1/4-1/2 bottle of Triple Sec (Side note: I had no idea what Triple Sec was until I went to the store and asked!)
Half a bottle of sweetened Lime Juice
One orange, sliced
One lime, sliced
One lime, sliced
2 handfuls frozen fruit (I did a strawberry/raspberry/blueberry/blackberry mix!)

Let sit overnight, then add some seltzer or ginger ale or champagne (very fancy, I know)

It is SO delish. Check it out!

Wine infused fruit is Yum. And you bet, a la Rachel, I ate the fruit!!

I also made some pizza for the party I am most excited about going to tomorrow. I couldn’t decide what toppings to use, so I went with three different versions. All have the same dough/sauce/cheese (mozzarella and parmesan!) base. I did a half pepperoni/half caramelized onion and bacon:



I wanted to do a vegetarian option too, so I did another WHOLE PIZZA!. 3/4 cheese one for the party and 1/4 spinach/caramelized onion/bacon for me (if you’ve been reading my blog, you know thats my favorite pizza topping combination ever!!!)


And my dinner slice with bacon!

My dinner, all together:

Also, the wine came with a black cork which I had never seen before?? It had insomnia printed on it about 3 times.

Happy to report I banged out a 55 minute this morning before school with a normal heart rate. This is promising for tomorrow mornings run which is scheduled to be 74 minutes (about 9 miles), starting at 4:50am. Ladies and gentlemen, that is before the sun comes up. But, you have to do what you have to do when you have a party to attend at 4pm!!!! Especially one with some of your favorite peeps!!!

I tried to make guacamole but the avocados werent ripe yet…so expect that in a near future post!

Sangria try #1

Thursday night we are going to a little fiesta. I volunteered to bring my homemade pizza, and some sangria. I am a HUGE sangria fan. Fruity, summery, and wine. You really can’t lose! However, Ive never made it before, always bought it or had someone else make it. I did some research today on recipes and tried to wing it on my own.

If you know me, you know red wine is my thing. So I started with a Cabernet I had on hand from Root:1 (which is yum by the way!).

I was making sangria for one (PW doesnt do wine!) so I started with half a glass and I added about a tablespoon of sugar, a slice of lemon, a slice of lime, some seltzer, and put it in the fridge.

Dropped in some ice cubes and gave it a shot!

This is how I felt about it:

(Pardon the picture, I am make-up less, come on it is 8pm on a Tuesday night!)
If you can’t tell, my expression is “eh”. It wasn’t bad, but I’ve had better. Definitely needs something else. And an overnight sit in the fridge! Tomorrow I will try another recipe (anyone have one to suggest??), with something else in it, and let it sit overnight so it will be ready for Thursday!!

In other news, a week left of school! It is bittersweet. I really, really love my job. I am extremely lucky in that I have a job that I enjoy going to, enjoy being at, and truly appreciate my coworkers. Not a lot of people can say that. I have some seriously awesome students. But, there is always next year!!!! I will take my summer to have fun and do a lot of running, and look forward to starting with a whole new group of kids in September!!

New recipes coming up on the blog: Lentil burgers (I LOVE LENTILS!), and the QT2 Systems Banana Bread (Power Bar replacement!). In the next week or so…

Where have I been?

On a recovery week, thats where! It was also a super stressful week, waiting for my MTEL results, which I got on Friday. It was good news (fantastically, awesome, I have a job for next year news even!), but the days leading up to it were sleepless!

Friday, PW and I celebrated the good news with PIZZA!!!


And getting a membership to BJ’s, which was pretty cool in and of itself. Check out some of our wares:

That picture right there is a dried fruit fiesta! And check out the bag of veggie burgers! That is some serious YUM right there!

Saturday was a college graduation party….with some homemade barbecue!

Including brisket, pulled pork, something called Bacon Explosion (wasnt a fan, believe it or not!), and some ribs…which I did not eat because they gross me out! Also some mac’n’cheese and corn bread, regular old southern feast!

Recovery week ended yesterday with an 85 minute run yesterday while spectating the Ashland Olympic Triathlon, This week is back to the grind with 32 miles and a 1hr40min long run on Sunday. Le sigh. BUT!
UPDATE ON THE HEART RATE SITUATION! After a week of solid sleep and not waking up early to run, my heart rate was normal on my runs, and my pace was the same! So that is awesome. It makes me question whether the drop/abnormal low was due to the fact I was running at 5am having only been awake for 20minutes. My core system didnt have a chance to warm up/I was practically still asleep. Lesson learned!

Still, I bought the Garmin Soft Heart Rate strap to double check whether my strap was reading (read a lot of reviews saying it was more accurate!). Whether its more accurate or not–its AWESOME! The original strap never was small enough to wrap around my ribs. I had to tuck it into my sports bra so it didnt slip down. Not with the new one! Its great!

One week of school left–crazy! And now I can thoroughly enjoy my summer knowing I have a job next year! Hooray!!