Mini make-over, guilt-free dessert, and a week 3 recap.

Our good friend Dede is racing Ironman Brazil today, so between every paragraph I type, I am on ironmanlive checking her status. She swam a 45 (holy smokes!)

Today marks the end of week 3 of marathon training–30 miles this week. The best part? Over these weeks, 21 days, my pace has gone down and ENTIRE minute per mile at the same heart rate! That is fantastic. Next week is 32 miles with a split run on Sunday, and then a recovery week! 4 week build all up in yo’ face!!

Hmm which do you want to read about first? Dessert or our mini-living room makeover?? I vote dessert. So all over the internets (read: healthy living blogs) Ive been reading about “banana soft serve”. Ill try anything once, but this particular concoction necessitates a food processor. Now that I have one, it was on my “list”.

Step 1: Freeze a banana. Preferably a soft one, slightly browned. Cut it into pieces, put it in a ziploc, and freeze it. Once that is done, throw it in the FP (food processor!)

Step 2: Blend that up good! Puree it until its so smooth you cannot keep from trying it!

(This is where you would toppings. Want to stay core friendly? Add some berries or some dark chocolate shavings!!)

Step 3: Scoop into bowl

Enjoy your mock ice cream! If you sit in front of the tv and pretend youre eating ice cream, it really is the perfect guilt-free moment! I was doubtful of this when I first saw it, but the texture really is deceiving!

Okay onto the mini-makeover! When we moved into this house, the people left their curtains/shades up for us. It was nice at first, because we didnt have any. But then it sent me on a rampage because they were just so ugly!

The green is painful, no? And totally doesnt match the room or wallpaper!

Looking for a quick fix, and taking a cue from Mario’s windows, we invested in some wood blinds. This completely changed the room. Took down the curtains. Put up some shelves. It took us a couple of hours but the room is completely opened up, and the blinds give it a beach-y feel.

(Not sure why the picture came out so dark? I took it at 8am!!)

We are undecided what to put on the shelves. Put up some space-filling pictures for now!

And a little more food porn before I go. The best part about running is being able to THESE guilt free before a run. I loooove bagels!

Yum, yum, yum! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! The rest of my day entails the in-laws coming up and putting the fence back together, yesss! Finally!


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