a run, a job, and a meal!

I got up bright and early this morning…alarm set for 4:30 for a PROMPT 5am start to my run! I loooove running before work. Its so quiet and perfect, sets up the whole day. I see the same people every time, we have a little “pre-dawn camaraderie” building! This morning I squeezed in an unheard of 60minute before being at work for 6:45! This includes washing and drying my hair which is an event in and of itself (youve seen the pictures, okay!).

Anyways, got home from work, ran some errands (ie: buying house stuff like shelves and toothbrushes at Target and Wal-Mart!), and then we were invited out to dinner with our pal Andy again (his lovely wife and daughter are down the Cape for the week, he doesnt join them until the weekend!). I picked the place this time. It is a Worcester staple: Brew City! Best beer around (so forgive me for a few typos 😉 )

Right off the bat I ordered a local Shipyard Summer, PW ordered the same, and Andy ordered an Ommegang Hennipin, it was almost like Cort was there himself 🙂 For dinner, I was hungry. That 7mile run was catching up to me! I ordered a veggie burger on an oat roll with 1 slice swiss, tomato, and lettuce and no fries (extreme willpower!!!!), it hit the spot!!

PW went with the plain chicken sandwich, only onion. And some fantastic sweet potato fries (I had exactly 2!). For ome reason the picture of his sandwich didnt come out, so heres a picture of the fries. Look away if you must, it may be too much. (We love sweet potato fries in this house!!!)

Andy is racing in 2 weeks and is in the throes of the nutrition aspect of QT2 so he had the mixed veggie salad with double chicken. I am not a fan of chicken nor eggplant, but even I have to admit this looks good!

Its Thursday, its been anextremely long week at work, and I decided to have ANOTHER beer before we left (the horror, I know!). That ended up being a good decision, read on to see why!
Anyways, I ordered a Peak Organic IPA. Completely different from the Summer Ale, but delicious in its own right! In addition to being a sweet potato house, we’re also an IPA house!

Its a dark one (and Im feeling that now!)

Andy went for a different Ommegang (PW was driving so he stuck with the one Shipyard!):

So why was this Thursday night excursion a good idea? PW and I started a little collection of pint glasses when he were in Hawaii. Amongst others, we have a couple from The Kona Brewing Company and Lulu’s. Tonight was apparently Shipyard night, so the “beer girls” were there. And they gave us some pretty awesome glasses to add to our collection!

(The above is a SeaDog one–Its reads “Doggin’ It”! Cute 🙂

I am full and happy now for sure!

Nothing too crazy planned for this long weekend. A run before work tomorrow, a jaunt to a Marlboro shack for a local band show on Saturday, and maybe some friendly cookout/poker action on Sunday! Excited about that last part, havent seen those peeps in a while! If all goes as planned I should hit 30 miles this week. I can definitely feel the fact this will be my biggest week in 6 months, as I am sleepy. Not just tired mind you, but TIRED!

But alas, tomorrow is Friday! Woot woot! Going to finish off this episode of 30 Rock and then hit the hay!


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