Week 2 of 22–DONE!

Somehow, someway, I managed to squeeze in my prescribed 28 miles of running last week for week 2 of marathon training. 28 miles still seems light to me (I got up to 60/week when training for Philly!), but last week was just so obnoxious I am proud of it!
You see, due to the schedule during the week, I had to partake in a BIG no-no…squishing in double runs (shhh dont tell my coach!) On Saturday I did 60min in the AM and then 25 in the PM. Yesterday I did 76 minutes in the AM and 14 minutes in the PM. I am definitely not complaining though–because I LOVE running long! The longer the better, in fact!

Also…yesterdays long run(s) were 36 seconds per mile faster than last Sundays. Hallelujah (ps my favorite song!) its working! Cant wait to not be at a snails pace anymore.

Its supposed to be 90 out tomorrow so my intention is to wake up early (4:30) and get my 46 minute run in before work! No big deal, I have a prep first period to consume some serious food 🙂

Speaking of food…the core diet is still going well. Boy do I love Oikos yogurt right now! The falafel balls of the weekend are officially GONE as of tonights dinner! Since the consumption is going so well, and because they popped up on iPhoto…here are some pictures of CAKE! Our “wedding” cakes actually!

This was hilarious to me…because no one wanted to eat our faces:

(Check out my haircut! And PWs shoes!)

But the coup de gras? This baby:

That is our actual wedding cake. The one we saved the top layer of to eat on our first anniversary (although we will be at a certain race in Hawaii for it!) That, my friends, is the best cake EVER: Funfetti! PW loooooves Funfetti with that specific frosting and sprinkles…and somehow his mom talked the baker into making it for us! It was awesome and delicious…cant wait until October to have the rest!!

(Back story…my husband and I eloped in Hawaii, when we got back home to MA we had a big party/renewed our vows with all our friends family to celebrate…thats where the cakes are from!)

Last picture, one of my students made me a “BFF” (best friends forever) bracelet. Its the newest craze at the high school. Isnt it so cute??

In case you were wondering, its really hard to take a picture of your right hand, with your left hand.


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  1. wow….love that bracelet! i used to make those things like crazy! in fact, i have a box around here somewhere wtih the string and a bunch of ones that i started and never finished!!

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