Is it time to run yet?

Regularly scheduled food blogging to return today, because: Homemade falafel tonight! Check back for the recipe later this afternoon, I am excited to try it out. Never had falafel but the high protein thing is drawing me in! Oh and that awesome food processor I won 😉

A little picture evidence from the haircutting episode from yesterday…a human sized shampoo bottle!

Junior prom pictures (we got ready at one of the gal’s houses and caravanned over to the hotel!

And this one, because N’s face made me giggle:

Had a great time, rocked out with some fellow teachers and the principals. Dinner was a buffet, pretty good! I got a little of everything and ended up having a couple of bites of everything pictured and then proceeded to save room for dessert (they had bite sized cheesecakes, come on, Im not superwoman!):

Under the Sea themed favors:

Last night was also Relay For Life. Directly after prom, we drove to the Relay at a local park. It was packed, at midnight! Tents everywhere, people walking around the 1/2 mi track, and lumineria’s lit in memory of people lost cancer. It was an amazing thing! I didnt get any good pictures, and defintely didnt get any that do the event justice but here are a couple:

Ended up leaving there around 2:45am (I am so not hardcore enough to stay all night–I am a miserable person if I don’t get sleep!), and heading straight home to my bed! It was a great night and it made me realize how really awesome all the friends I have made since getting hired at this new school are!!

Man, have I been spoiled by my DSLR! My point and shoot is annoying. I almost didnt even post the pictures because of how much they are lacking!! The good part though? Man, do those pictures upload fast!

Ive been watching Phantom Gourmet (my favorite show) as I typed this. Yum! Now, I am off for my first of 2 runs today, kinda slacked yesterday between all the craziness and need to tack 30 min on today and tomorrow. Oh, volume, how I love thee 🙂


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