Crunch Time!

Crazy week! In the middle of it we went to one of my favorite hangouts.

It has bright lights:

Guys in white:

And it is America’s most beloved ballpark:

Yep! We were at Fenway! Great game too. And believe it or not, we didnt haveany snacks! None! Proud of that because man do they have some good stuff!

Tried to get a picture of us but between the fact it was my point and shoot camera and that my brother was cheering while taking it…it came out more than a little blurry!

Had the relay for life hair cutting “ceremony” today at school. Basically the kids donated money to watch their teachers get their hair cut/heads shaved in the gym. I did get some hair chopped off! Pictures to come!

Now I have to head over to a coworkers house to get ready to chaperone prom! Should be a blast. Got a purdy new dress to wear! A nifty little black and white Calvin Klein number! Pictures and blog post on THAT and the Relay For Life I am heading to afterwards…an all-night walk-athon with teachers and students and the rest of the town. FUN!

More to come…


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