My favorite eat-out dinner and a PRESENT!

Today I had big plans. I was committed to getting my oil changed (I was over by 1000 miles!) and then I was going to get my car inspected (which may or may not have been overdue.) Step 1: No problem. Travel to Midas directly after school, 20 minutes and and an attempted oversell (no, I do not want to buy new wiper blades from you), and I was on my way. Step 2: Got to the gas station to get my sticker and…couldnt find my registration. The one I renewed last month. BUMMER! Needless to say, they couldnt inspect it and I need to go back at some point (like, tomorrow) to get it done.
This wouldnt be a problem except I have to pick up my dry cleaning, get my hair done at 2:30, and run for an hour 🙂 Ah well, such is life. I have the Sox game to look forward to on Thursday! And something exciting came in the mail…more on that in a minute!

I didnt feel like making dinner. I was starving, I had the day off from running, and today was busy at work so I just wanted to SIT! Obvious destination: CHIPOTLE!

Side note before I show you pictures: Did you know about this AWESOME Chipotle nutrition calculator? Its fantastic.

So, I had my usual. A chicken burrito, no rice, with black beans, mild salsa, lettuce and a tiny bit of medium salsa and sour cream. In one word: perfection. I think if I had to eat at one place for the rest of my life it would be here!

iPhone there for size comparison! My burrito is the one closest to the camera, PWs is the other!

Heaven in tin foil, seriously!

Hopefully the size of my forehead in this one is a result of the camera angle…those of you that see me on a daily basis, let me know if its not so I can get bangs PRONTO!

The Chipotle nearest to us is in a very scenic area (sarcasm!)…the rain doesnt help the view much:

When I arrived home for the day, there was a gigantic box on the front porch. Could it be? The prize I won on Hangry Pants’ blog?

YES! Food processor of my dreams! Cannot WAIT to make homemade falafel and hummus and veggie burgers…so many options!!! Now I just need to win myself a VitaMix 😉


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