A What Not To Do Post

(Also this post is uncharacteristically wordy…scroll to the bottom for yummy dinner pictures!)

I had my Monday all planned out last night before I went to bed. I packed my running clothes (the plan was to run two errands and then run from my parents house after work!) and my lunch in the fridge all ready to do.

Work was uneventful–it’s MCAS, which for me means all the test prepping for my sophomores is done, so now we just wait for the results and grade/plan while they take the test. For lunch I had brought a salad with chicken and steak on top (leftover from the cookout and another sale-tastic Oikos yogurt. I figured I could grab a granola bar or something from my parents house.

Mistake #1: I didnt drink ANY water at work. This is a rarity for me, but I had forgotten to bring a water bottle! I am way too stingy to BUY water and the towns water is….icky.

Mistake #2: I ran my errands (made a hair appointment, for Wednesday, and dropped off my dress at the dry cleaners so it will be purdy for the Junior Prom Chaperoning Extravaganza), got changed, and ran. Forgetting that all important snack.

Mistake #3: I havent been keeping track of the miles on my shoes. YEOUCH! This is a terrible mistake to make.

Headed out on my 42 minute run and felt like death warmed over by mile 3. Shin splints, sweating and thirsty, and bonking like I have never bonked before. This is how bad I was bonking: when I got back to my parents house, I immediately walked to the refridgerator (still panting) and DEVOURED a SNICKERS BAR. That is crazy for this runner chick. Normally after I run, I dont want to eat for two hours. Nope, this time I inhaled 14g of fat within 45 seconds of stopping running.

And I paid dearly because I felt awful after! Headed to the grocery store post candy-bar eating and of course (of course) ran into one of my students there. Nothing like throwing your basket onto the line filled with a random concoction of groceries (umm a ton of conditioner, lemons, turkey, and eggs?) and see a young mind you mold daily at school 🙂

The trip was worth it though…they had my favorite conditioner for 50% off. I am easy to please. Its Pantene and usually on $6, but seriously….$3? Of course I was going to stock up! It makes my hair smooth and not frizzy and a Staple in my hair care!

Got home from that errand, and despite it being dinner time (my favorite time of the day!), I wasnt too hungry. That Snickers bar was sitting like a rock in my stomach. I knew I should get something with protein in me though, for recovery at the very least. All I wanted was something low-fat.

I decided on a turkey sandwich with a little hummus (which, by the way, makes any sandwich feel GOURMET! Also, expect to see a lot more hummus in my diet this week, since I have that huge container to eat all by my lonesome!).

Long parenthesis comment there. Anyway. Sandwich. On a Joseph’s pita, with turkey, hummus, spinach, and tomato. It was soooo delicious and light and was totally what I was unknowingly craving!

(With a refreshing mocktail of course!)

Doesnt it just look perfect? Yum, yum, yum. Now I am off to put my legs up and read some kindle goodness!


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