Yummo Guilt-less pita chips…ie Snacky Dinner!

After my run, I needed some serious down time. It was 1) way hotter than I anticipated 2) seriously painful for the first 3 miles…all that eggy goodness sitting in my stomach. PHEW. By mile 4 I had found a new route and the new scenery kept things interesting and fresh until the run was done! However because of my stomach revolt, I wasnt quite hungry when I got back. Started to feel snacky around 4 and started off what would become my dinner-over-the-course-of-3-hours snackfest with some of the fruit salad from yesterday (with the addition of some blackberries!)

An hour later, the next snack was up to bat! I was feeling like some chips and dip. So I went the obvious route: Pita Chips and Hummus! You may remember the star of the following guiltless eat from my entry about core-friendly Chipotle knockoff burritos. I love Joseph’s products. Love them! Tonight I used their pitas:

Talk about core-friendly, you can have TWO pitas for only 16g CHO!

I wasnt that hungry so I just took one pita out. Important step for pita chip making: “pop” the pita first. Meaning pull the sides of it away from eachother so you dont slice through and end up with pita shreds (Ive done this many times!)

Slice it lengthwise and then each half into chip size pieces:

Put them in a very hot oven, and watch close, they dont take long to crisp up!

While those are cooking, I cut up the other half of my dippers:

And get the hummus ready (lets be serious, its the real star of the show here). I bought this one today because it was on sale at the grocery store, but Sabra’s Carmelized Onion will always have my heart!

Plate up that goodness when the chips are crispy (they are easy to burn–watch out!)

There you go: a delicious, guilt-free, surprisingly filling, ready to dip snack!

I needed something sweet after all that savory so I had 3 of my favorite candy to satisfy the sweet tooth! Great restraint occurred by only eating 3!

My real (protein-y and filling) dessert will happen later: one of those sale-tastic Oikos yogurts!!

The mathematics MCAS starts tomorrow so Ill be proctoring that, and then running from my parents house after school! Its going to be a crazy week! Two days of MCAS, heading into the city to see a Sox game, chaperoning the Junior prom, and participating in the Relay for Life! Oh, and I have 28 miles on the run schedule for the week!


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