A grocery store find and a homemade pre-run brunch!

After 12 hours of sleep last night, I headed to the grocery store with a list of only 3 things: yogurt, milk, and eggs. Should be easy. But if you have ever gone grocery shopping on Sunday, you know that weekend shopping is a whole ‘nother ballgame! I dodged and weaved my way through the aisles trying to locate the eggs. As I happened upon the yogurt section, a light shined down (must have been from heaven!) upon the Oikos yogurt. I LOVE Oikos Greek Yogurt, however it is usually $1.99 a pop, which is a little pricey for us considering how much we eat (we each eat at least one, sometimes two, a day!). Today though, the Oikos was cheaper than the Chobani! On sale for .99 each! (This is at Price Chopper for you locals!).

So, I stocked up:

Pretty sure the people surrounding me in line and the cashier all thought I was crazy, but whatever! Deal! Will probably be back later in the week to get some more! (Have to do it in increments so they dont cut me off!)

Arrived home and a pre-long run brunch was definitely in order. I was craving an omelette, which is weird because in the history of my food-consuming life (all 27 years of it) Ive never had one before. Nonetheless, I went forth and guessed on how the whole omelette making thing goes down (how hard could it be?? Its just like scrambled eggs, right?!)

Started out with 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites (cut down on fat…so I can have BACON!), and a splash of milk, whisked well, what the pan heats up:

Poured it into a already hot, olive oil sprayed non-stick pan and let set:

Once it is relatively set (again, this was my first time making one, I was winging it!) I dropped in 2 slices of very crispy bacon and a light spread of yummy Cheddar!

Flipped that sucker in half and let nature take its course!

Paired it up with a bagel thin, and FEASTED! Oh, it was so delicious!

Please disregard the crispiness of the eggs, I love my scrambled eggs almost-burnt (its a texture thing!) so this was perfect for me:

I made PW one as well. His was 3 whole eggs, and a little more core-friendly with fillings consisting of spinach, onions, and red peppers. Oh and a little less well done 😉

Overall, a great meal! Heading out for my long run now, but tune back in tonight for a run recap AND a core-friendly snack that is low-carb but deceivingly so (you feel like youre eating bread!).

Hope y’all have a good Sunday afternoon!


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  1. I was in Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) yesterday and saw that Oikos were going for $2.09! I couldn’t even buy them b/c I saw your tweet about the 99 cent deal. They also didn’t have my favorite flavors of Chobani.. not happy!

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