A Birthday Party and Delicious, Non-Core food!

First: the camera/usb cord is BACK! Apparently, it was in the backpack I used in St. george during Ironman. Which was then placed in PWs bike bag and shipped back with TriBike Transport. PW picked it up at Fast Splits today and VOILA! I can blog again!

Today started off with typical Saturday chores: laundry, dishes, vacuum, dust. BORING! Spiced it up with a 51 minute run around noon and then needed to replenish my glycogen stores–what better way then with a birthday party?

My father turned fifty a little over a week ago, but he was in Germany at the time so we couldn’t celebrate! My grandmother planned a little shindig for tonight, with a copious amount of delicious food! Began my night with a mocktail: Sprite Zero with a splash of cranberry juice and a lime:

A perfect day for a cookout:

Dinner was an affair. I loooove corn on the cob! AND I didnt realize it was in season yet! I had one of those, with a big plate of salad (my mom is infamous for her salad, its SO delish!), a side plate of fruit salad (melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple) and a hamburger that I was too messy eating to take a picture of!! It was the best hamburger Ive ever eaten though!

I may or may not have finished off the meal with a small piece of vanilla cake!

Another highlight? Because they are my mom and grandma, they sent us home with LEFTOVERS! Chicken and steak kebabs that will be perfect as a salad topping tomorrow, fruit salad, and regular salad!

Tomorrow we are heading to a local triathlon to cheer for some friends that are racing–race starts at 8–should go to bed soon so I can get my 9 hours of sleep 🙂


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  1. Have fun! Another of my friends just posted that he was “surrounded by triathletes” – so I’m assuming you headed up towards Fitchburg? Gald the USB is back and that you had a great cookout!

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