It is coooold in our house today! A hectic day for me today–non-stop at work, followed by a department meeting that ran late, and a cold/rainy 47min run right from the school parking lot! I drove home and was in the shower trying to warm up before PW could even ask what I was doing! Tomorrow should not be quite as crazy, one of my classes has a quiz, one I am teaching something new, and the other ones are MCAS MCAS MCAS (two more days!). A day off from running tomorrow as well, just giving a massage at 2:30!

Food wasnt very exciting today. Turkey slices, yogurt (Chobani FTW!), apple, banana, granola bar, some of a Chipotle burrito post run and a handful of gummi bears (not core friendly but totally hit the spot!

In lieu of food pictures, I decided to show you all some pictures of my second favorite place on earth, Lake Placid! Its a small town, with a lot of friendly people! I am spoiled by being there for an entire week leading up to Ironman, when it is a triathlon mecca. You cant turn your head without seeing a pair of compression socks or someone asking you if you know so-and-so. For me, it is a week of vacation, spent with some of my favorite people! We rent a house with some of our close friends. This year, only 4 people in the house are racing (this is crazy!) so it will be a training weekend with an awesome weekend activity of Ironman watching.

I cant wait until July, our only race-less vacation of the year this year, when we can pack up our car:

drive for 5 hours and then hang out with awesome people for a week:

And enjoy the views:

Lake Placid is by far THE most spectator friendly ironman. One of the reasons for that is another one of the reasons why it is my favorite vacation locale: its totally pedestrian friendly. We arrive on Tuesday, park our car, and dont move it again until the following Tuesday! You can run/ride/swim/shop/eat all right outside the door! heck–we have a Starbucks less than 100 feet away!

We also have some pretty cute mascots that come and visit (this is Jake in a QT2 shirt!):

The countdown is on! Two months until we get a week long party/training vacation!

Okay, Bruins game is on. Time to stare at the tv and try to quell the shivering!!


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