Carmen San Diego

or, Where in the world have I been? Its been hard to motivate myself to blog when I can’t include pictures! So today I bit the bullet and took IPHONE pictures! Not the greatest quality, but what are you going to do?

First things first, we had a backyard “incident”. We’ve been having crazy weather here. Awful wind and storms. And unfortunately it resulted in this:

That fence has been up for THIRTY years! The positive aspect is that at least it happened to the fence that breaks up the yards with the neighbors who don’t have any dogs! Our other fences border on yards where the people have 100 pound dogs!! Hopefully this week something can be done! Im suddenly becoming a green thumb concerned about the grass, HAHA!

Next up, I was sent some (pretty awesome) whey protein to try. Its Hydrowhey. I was excited to try the strawberry flavor in a strawberry smoothie! What made it all the more exciting is that the package claimed to be 30g of protein with only .5g fat. Could it be true? Maybe not. But, either way, Im using those numbers in my end of the day calculations!

I made a smoothie tonight with it (this is a picture of the vanilla packaging, I used strawberry!):

My only interaction with whey protein so far has been with Designer Whey. I can stomach the chocolate one with just water, but Im not a fan of the vanilla in smoothies (although PW loves it.) Always looking for a way to get more protein in without eating just an entire chicken or just ground turkey. This protein actually made my day. I could hardly tell it was in there…and on top of it all? It gave my smoothie a way silkier texture. I feel like between the taste and the nutrition facts, its too good to be true?! I may or may not be buying this from now on! Ill let you know how the vanilla goes…might use it in some banana bread muffins!

Last, my “uniform” finally came in the mail!

It is BRIGHT! But also a fantastic fabric. Im not sure what it is, but it feels like it could be a world-rocker on hot days. It is fancy. And florescent yellow. But, those are their colors, so Ill deal! I am excited to race that look in October!

Speaking of which…on day 2 of official marathon training plan. Food and workouts have been on schedule so far. Only 22 weeks to go 🙂 I ran from school yesterday, why have I never thought to do that before? It’s so much easier to get out there and just do it IMMEDIATELY instead of driving home, sitting for 20 minutes, and letting the exhausted-ness sink in! Not to mention, I like running around my old stomping grounds!

Ill continue updating with all iPhone pictures until I find my cord! 😦 Anyone have a spare Sony DSLR USB cord lying around? Tomorrow…I will update with food pictures from a typical day on the core with only a 47 minute run to add calories!


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  1. EEK! Too bad about the fence. Luckily, it looks like you can re-use the fencing and just replace the posts (if it’s actually your fence! Excitedthat you got the ‘uniform’. So impressed that you’re doing the Lowell Marathon!

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