Been a busy couple of days!

My training schedule in hand–I am ready to start this training thing! Today was craptacular weather though. Thunderstorms all last night and all day today…as well as a pesky little thing called the MTEL I had to take!
Tomorrow I will get in one more quick, easy, run before the official schedule starts Monday!!

Last night we had dinner at our friend Mario’s. He was recently offered a job in San Diego–being the web editor of Competitor Magazine of all things!–and will be out of this New England weather by the beginning of June! Had to get one more hang out session in before him and Elise become warm-weather inhabitants!

Sad news–I cant find the cord that lets me upload pictures from my camera directly to my computer. This is TRAGIC! It has been missing since we got home from Vegas–all pictures Ive posted on the blog since Monday were already in iPhoto on my computer! I am at a loss, because I despise iPhone camera pictures for food. It just doesnt do the food justice!

Ive only been awake for a little over 12 hours and yet I am ready to go to bed again. How does that happen? And what the heck am I going to do over the summer when I can reasonably get 12 hours of sleep a night?


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