How I lost the weight (50 pounds)….for good.

To begin, here is a “before” picture. Thats me in the pink tank top. (Sorry about the quality! Its a picture of a picture 🙂 )

And my after picture (thats my sister in law and her boyfriend watching my open presents at my massage school graduation!!)

Get your attention?? Thats almost 50 pounds difference in about a year. If you dont want to read the involved story of it, heres the link to the services/protocol I used: The Core!

Here is the story:

In the first picture, I was 20, on vacation in Florida with my BFF, weighed over 150 pounds (I’m 5’2″!!!) and eating A LOT. The only exercising I did were some short runs (maybe 20 min? it was hard with the extra weight on me!). I vividly remember eating 4 (FOUR) bacon cheeseburgers with fries for dinner (on consecutive nights) in that trip. I can hardly eat them now, the thought makes me sick after that overindulgance!!

Anyways, I stayed the same weight for the next 2 years, drinking and eating my way through the rest of college, never feeling comfortable with myself (or my weight!). Then, two things happened.

1) I met my now husband, PW. Started exercising more to hang out with him.
2) We then met Jesse

I started working out more consistently (for the most part following the QT2 protocol…all heart rate based!). As I started taking training more seriously, I also started taking my diet (as in consumption not weight loss!) more seriously. I knew if I wanted to run faster, Id have to change my body composition. PW was in the throes of following Jesse’s eating plans while training for his first Ironman. I figured, why not go along for the ride?

And that my friends, is where The Core Diet came into play. I dont mean for this to be a ridiculous plug but I feel like its my civic duty to share this! I went through YEARS (literally, from 15-22 years old!) of yo-yo dieting.

In the end I lost almost 50 pounds, and was running over 2.5 minutes faster per MILE. Craziness!

When I post about “core-friendly” recipes, it is in reference to this life changing (for me) protocol: The Core Diet.

Since then I have done some triathlons:

Done some Ultra team running:

And most importantly, kept the weight off.

It’s hard. Of course it is! But it WORKS. And in the end, its worth the trouble and effort for the results you get!

If you end up emailing Chrissie or Jesse, throw my name in!


4 responses

  1. Cool to see, Courtney! We were the same weight and height in college! Oh fun times…
    I just want to know how you still kept your boobs. NO FAIR. 🙂
    You will like running Baystate! It’s a great, flat course… so rare around here. I loved it.

  2. Courtney – I had no idea! CONGRATS GF! That’s so awesome. And in one year. Amazing. It really does take a lot to accomplish that. You Strong LIke BULL!

  3. Wow. I had no idea!

    I’ve only know you as tiny little Courtney and figured you were always a fast little runner. Who knew?

    Way to make a major/awesome life change and keep it up.

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