I did it, and made it official. Mostly because someone scared me that it was going to sell out!

I am all set for the Baystate Marathon in Lowell in October!!!

It will be my first marathon, but not my first foray into distance running. In 2007 I trained for the Philadelphia marathon, but unfortunately got a stress fracture during my last long, 22 mile, run! PW WARNED me not to do a 3 hour run, but I just had to. Lesson learned!

In 2009, I did the Ragnar relay. It was awesomely fun! I ended up running somewhere around 34 miles that day. While living in a can, down by the river. Well, ignore the river part, but I did live in a van for 24 hours with 5 guys I met on twitter! Love the internet 🙂 We were sponsored by Brooks Running and the swag alone (and the company, boy was that race FUN!) was worth it. We claimed first place ultra team. Pretty awesome!

So after some serious (really really serious) time off. As in, since Ragnar in September! I am ready to buckle down with a goal. The race is the week after Hawaii–perfect timing!!

PW is writing me a training plan, and I should be good to go next week. So, expect many more core friendly recipes in the future!

Now, off to do a massage and some SERIOUS grading! I have a lot to catch up on from my 3 days out!


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