Vacation Recap!

Im going to try and smush our entire vacation/Ironman trip into one post! Saturday morning we awoke pretty early (3am) for some applesauce and pre-race consumption. I woke up for 2 minutes and promptly fell back asleep until it was go time! This race was a little different for me as a spectator because I couldnt go down and watch the swim, so I had nothing to do until 8am when the bikes came by. Normally I am awake at 3am and spectating for the following 21 hours non-stop!
Headed down to our “special viewing” spot and this is our view as we cheered for the 15 (maybe more?!) people we knew racing!!

Not bad right?! I didnt get any good pictures of PW on the bike because he was going so fast. No, really, they all came out blurry!!
After watching everyone go by on the bike we headed down to the “hot corner”, which really just means the place where you see them come in on the bike and loop around on the run.

For instance, here is The Guru Krops and my friend Terra heading out on the run:

And here is PW heading in for the finish! He may look like hes sleeping, but he was just running really hard.

See! It really was prime real estate. Chrissie, Mikaela, Michelle and I really got the most out of that spot, screaming like maniacs. We were so crazy that people around us were asking us to cheer for their loved ones too, we caused such a scene!

The race ended up going PERFECT. Despite the harder terrain and the ridiculous temperatures (the water was 54! and it was 38 degrees at the top of the mountains!), most of the team executed their races just right!

Here is PW, after I told him he had WON his age group (he was the first male aged 25-29 out of around 120) by 20 minutes. I also let him know that he was the 4th amateur (which is an INSANELY AWESOME accomplishment!) and 22nd overall (out of 1,950 pro’s and amateurs!). That is a smile relief because the mission was accomplished: he had qualified for the World Championships in Kona:

(PS you can read PW’s race report and blog here if you want!)

Also, I finally had my first blog meeting! Jocelyn and I have been blog friends for over 5 years (maybe even 6 OR 7?) Way back when we were both in college and had livejournals. Before she went pro and before I even started dating PW! It was an epic meeting for sure. Here we are, post-race:

Utah was unbelievable. By far one of my favorite places in the world (behind Kona and Narragansett Beach!). But once awards were over:

the Kona slot was claimed,
and I had enough Starbucks to hit the road:

it was time for VEGAS!

The highlight of Vegas, Im not going to lie, was this warm goat cheese salad I had at Stratta. Goat cheese, arugala, avocado, and balsamic vinagrette. It was SO yum, but unfortunately I dont have a picture! That happens when you eat dinner at 10pm πŸ™‚

We walked the strip, watched the fountains at the Bellagio:

Did a little bit of gambling (I lost 2 dollars in slots, PW played roulette and craps with the boys!), went out of a fantastic dinner, and got to bed by 2. Which was good because we had to wake up bright and early for our flight home.

Sigh, nothing like airport slot machines at 8am!

That was about the extent of our trip! Back to reality, and work, today. My kids were super sweet and excited to have me back though, which made the day a little easier!! Headed home from school and IMMEDIATELY went for a run and did some core work–we are expecting some nasty storms and I didnt want to get stuck in the middle of them! PW is in the middle of his week of gluttony so not sure how much core cooking will get done πŸ˜‰ He already had a donut for breakfast and McDonalds chicken selects for lunch…dinner will probably end up being pizza! Nothing like a complete 180 degree flip on consumption! However…it will only last a week…IM Hawaii is coming up quick!!


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