A QT2 Breakfast!

This morning was the event that QT2 athletes wait for every season, the carbo-loading breakfast. 20 of us met up at this fine establishment:

Here are Alex, Anne, Vinu (and their adorable children), waiting for food!

Tim, Cait, Chrissie, Jesse, and Mikaela chowing down:

And the rest of our peeps (we took up a LOT of tables!). Kevin, Keith, Carlos, Dave, Pat, and Trent:

I was so excited when I saw a “fresh fruit bowl” on their menu! I ordered that bad boy right up, along with a half-order of french toast! While waiting for the food to come, I may or may not have finished off this entire pot of coffee (5 cups!)

Breakfast arrives!

The french toast looked so yummy, that I have to give you a big, close up, portrait of it!

The fruit looked good:

But it wasnt 😦 I only ate the watermelon, some of the grapes, and half the french toast!

Now we are hanging out at the condo, everyone is carbo-loading with their feet up. A pretty relaxed day is in store from here on out! Tomorrow is an EARLY morning, so hopefully we can all get in a nap!

Ill post the lunch/dinner/sitting around all afternoon recap tonight!


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