i am in UTAH!

After 12 hours of traveling, I am SPENT! However, I just had to update my blog. Because I am going to have a LOT of pictures over the next 4 days. And also because we celebrated my birthday last night (well, me, my mum in law, and sister in law), and I wanted to showcase the awesome gifts they got me!

We may have also celebrated with a lil non-core friendly cake (that was unbelievable!!)

Woke up very, very early to catch a 7:15 flight to Vegas. Boy, was that an interesting flight. People get really excited about visiting sin city. Like, drink at 7am to celebrate the upcoming fun. Other than that, the flight was uneventful!

The views when I landed though…amazing. I love the wild west. I love the mountains and the red rocks and the wide open NOTHINGNESS! There’s no undeveloped land in Massachusetts, but here, theres a lot of it. It is wondrous!

(Much better pictures of the landscape to come! Thats just a filler!)

A quick stop at Red Rock Bicycle to pick up Scribs bicycletta (a sweet P4), that is now set to race:

And saw this pretty sweet “floor sticker”:

Some pizza-gorging is about to happen in this double condo (we have 11 hungry athletes here!!), Until then, Pat will be relaxing in our bedroom with his feet up:

Tonight I predict a lot of sleeping. A lot. And tomorrow is the day of gluttony (carbo loading!!).

More to come…


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