Missed a day!

Had a tough go of it yesterday. The first day back from vacation is always a little off. Everyone is settling back into their schedule, and you cant expect too much at 8am from teenagers who have been sleeping until 1pm for the last 9 days! My day had a HUGE damper put upon it by some student incidents I found out about Monday morning and I spent the rest of the day in a sad fog 😦

Before I left in the AM though, I managed to snap a quick photo of my lunch:

Today got off to a better start. Spent a solid 3 hours (of prep time, not class time!) getting ready for my “vacation”. Only, its not really a vacation because I end up doing 3 days of work leading up to it all smushed into 1 day. Planning for a substitute with MCAS sneaking up on us is HARD!

Enough complaining! I cleaned out the refrigerator in preparation for such a trip and noticed an entire pound of strawberries I wouldnt be able to eat. So I pulled a PW, washed them all, cut the tops off and froze them for future smoothies! Fresh (frozen) strawberries instead of the store bought ones make the smoothie so much tastier!!

Strawberries also take the best pictures, look at that color!

Our fridge is in a sad, sad state now:

(Side Note/Helpful Hint: Did you know you are supposed to refrigerate walnuts? Yep! Got to keep those omega-3’s fresh and happy!)

Looking forward to seeing Vegas, the mountains, and a certain race!

Sad to leave the pups behind though 😦 At least they have each other

(okay that quote was lame but it was a good intro for the picture!)


6 responses

  1. Coke Zero?! Do tell.
    I need to cut back my coffee consumption; can do a couple of Green Teas a day but a couple is about it. Need another booster in the afternoon. Is Coke Zero the QT2 Core Diet answer (me thinks not but…)
    Have a good trip the St George!
    Kill it PW! (and QT2!)

  2. Yes, do tell if Coke Zero is on the Core Friendly side of the road? heheeh 😉

    HAVE FUN! Go Pat!

    PS – LOVE the strawberry pictures.
    PPS – – I took a closer look at the Fe Flying A Plane picture and he’s looking down at the instruments… but it sure does look like he’s asleep at the wheel!

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