Dinner/Lunch/Dogs at Play!

I forgot to post a picture of last nights pre-Gals High Out dinner! I wanted something filling so that I wouldnt be too enticed by bar food (I may or may not have had 1.5 potato skins but it could have been way worse!). I made this sandwich and it was deeeee-lish. I know, I know lunchmeat turkey has no nutritional value. However, it was awesomely tasty!

Sandwich: toasted roll, shredded turkey, 2 slices bacon, spinach, and tomato. YUMM! It was so filling I only ended up eating half!!

Today, I finally got the guacamole Ive been dreaming about! After talking about it on facebook, and then having my husband tell me about the fat-loading tomorrow night, the craving was intolerable! In fact, so much so, I didnt even MAKE it! I bought it pre-made at good ole Trader Joes (which by the way, it tasted way better than anything I could have made–with no artificial ingredients!).

I put it with some fat-free sour cream (I know, why bother? Needed something though!), and some re-fried beans. Again, a VERY filling lunch. Only ate the chips pictured, and couldn’t even finish all my dips!

(WARNING! Graphic Guac pictures to follow!)

A closer look at that avocado goodness:

STILL not sure what is for dinner! I have some stew meat Id like to use before Utah, so a quick beef stew may be in order. Or a meat sauce, not sure yet!

Spent a good chunk of the afternoon playing with these ladies:

Chloe, waiting patiently for me to throw the ball:

Kona will just do every trick she knows hoping it will entice you to throw the ball faster. She does “sit”, “down”, “paw”, and “up” in a loop (in that order!) until you throw it! Here she is in the “down” part of the cycle (Please note Chloe “grinning” in the foreground)

Inevitably, no matter who get to the ball first, Chloe will be in possession of it within 5 seconds! And then, she rolls around on her back with it in her mouth until Kona gets aggravated with her and attacks!

My idea for the rest of the afternoon involves a nap and some Law and Order watching 😉


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