Am I really watching LA Ink as I type this? Yes. I am.

This morning I woke up and it was a beautiful day for a run. The kind of day that fools you into thinking summer is just around the corner (but a quick visit to and a 10-day forecast shows you otherwise!)

Our adorable street and killer hill were just begging me to hit the streets!

I pretty much NEVER run with music (ever! you can’t use it in a race…so why train with it?), but today I did. I had a solo Eddie Vedder craving so I brought my iPhone along for the ride. Took a couple of pictures of my route for you lovely blog readers:

I walked in the door STARVING and knew chili and soy/flax chips were the way to go!

A closer look at that dee-lish-us chili!

And the life-changing tortilla chips (6 grams of protein per serving in these suckers!)

I was definitely full after this lunch!

After cleaning the house and doing all the laundry today, I am definitely looking forward to a night out with my gals tonight!!


2 responses

  1. Did I miss the Chili blog??? Gonna have to go back in time and find it.
    Beautiful day – how was the Ironamn’s last long ride?
    Good luck PW and QT2!
    Safe trip and great race!

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