A couple of “trimmings” today

(This post is pretty picture heavy, so I went with a smaller sized picture to make it easier to manage! Click the picture for full-sized goodness!)

Today was the day to give both my husband and the lawn a haircut. To pre-face this post, you should know something about PW. He only gets haircuts before big races. In fact, despite having already raced this year (in March), it wasnt a “Big Race”. So…his last haircut was right before Hawaii. In September. Needless to say, he was getting a little shaggy! With Utah coming up QUICK, we had to fix that situation!

Yes, that is a plastic bag around his neck. We cut his hair outside because there was SO MUCH OF IT. And a trick we learned while cutting his hair in Lake Placid last year (Thanks Paul!), was to put a bag there to catch it!

A quick skim of a number 3 and he is READY TO RACE!

Doesnt he look FAST and ready to tear up that mountainous course?!

Second thing to know…I love to mow the lawn. Its pretty much the ONLY househould chore I enjoy. I despise laundry, and dishes (which is okay because I like cooking, and PW does the dishes, evening it out!), but mowing the lawn is A-Ok. Its all about instant gratification!

So today was 1) the first mowing in our new house and 2) the first mowing of the YEAR! this means summer is soon!

Heres our lawn before (first backyard pictures on the blog, woohoo!)

Addition: I love our yard. LOVE IT. It came with the fence (which is great for our pups!), and we live in the city. So having this yard is awesome!

A quick spin with our fast mower and its as good as new…

Thundershowers off and on today…I hate storms!


6 responses

  1. Wow – PW got ALL his hairs cut! PW _does_ look fast with that smart cut. I heart our yard too… but I dont heart mowing as you do… Hm. Good thing thing I gots a MAN to do that. Perhaps we need to do a first trim as well?

  2. Classy name. I have a Wormtown veranda, I think. Its a deck. An elevated poorly painted wooden deck. It’s fitting. I take it from the Boynton post you are in the bright lights of the Birthplace of Robert Goddard, Father of modern Rocketry.

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