A couple of birthday eats…

For lunch on my actual birthday, I went to The Boynton with PW and some friends. They have famously good pizza (including gluten-free!), so thats what I split with Jo-anne. Ours was spinach, feta, and tomato. Oh and a Wachusett Country Ale (us New Englander’s love us some Wachusett!). We watched marathon and the sox while munching away!

(iPhone quality…sorry!)

For dinner on Tuesday night, I went to to Longhorn Steakhouse with my parents, brother, PW, and grandmother. I had a really good filet with garlic sauce and this unbelievable blackberry/sweet tea vodka concoction!! (I dont normally drink this much, buts it birthday/vacation week!)

And then finally my brother wanted to take me out to breakfast for my birthday (we used to go every weekend when he was growing up!). So, we went to the “usual place” and we got our “usual breakfasts” (I havent been there in years but the waitress remembered my usual…and even my special request…”everything well-done”!!)
Nothing like some good old artery clogging goodness…

Its been a pretty tasty couple of days 😉 Im ready to buckle back down and eat some veggies though! Crock-pot chili is on top tonight…heading to Trader Joes to get some more flaxseed/soy tortilla chips momentarily to side with dinner!


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