Sin-free, core-friendly, party-hopping fruit dip!

Tonight I was invited to an informal “game night” with some other teachers. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that IS what teachers do during April break. We are wild and crazy! The host, who reads my blog (Hi Ms. S!), requested I bring something “fruity”. And gluten-free. So, after thinking about it, I threw together this awesome dip to be used with some core-friendly fruit!!!

Started off with a BIG container of Chobani plain flavored 0% fat greek yogurt. Also into the bowl: 1.5 Tbsp honey, a pinch of brown sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon. Mix VERY well!


Hopefully it goes well with margaritias 😉

The key to this mixture (other than it being ridiculously easy AND healthy–virtually no fat, high protein!), is the hand-made “whipper” I got to use.

My great-grandmother was an awesome lady (really, she was bad-ass!). When I moved into my own house, my mom gave me this classic hand whipper of my Memere’s (that what we called her). I feel so classy when I use this, not to mention how THOROUGH (and earth friendly–no electricity!) it is.
It has to be at least circa 1950, adding to the authenticity of my dish for sure!

I have a few different types of apples, a pear, and some cantaloupe ready for dipping! Hopefully its a hit when I am shaping the Cranium play-doh tonight!

Also how delish does my post-run snack look? I love my Sony! And strawberries under $2 at Hannaford!


2 responses

  1. The dip is amazing. So good with fresh fruit – or leftover fruit from last night. Will probably eat the leftover yogurt by itself- it can stand alone, the cinnamon adds a fantastic twist!

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