Guilty Pizza and visitors!

The awesome Salmon family stopped yesterday to check out thew new digs and they brought us these beautiful flowers:

Upon waking up this morning I decided today was the day to go to Trader Joe’s. We have had a gift certificate there since our wedding fiesta (from our lovely friends the Duffys!), and have yet to make a trip there!! Well, that store is unbelievable. It makes eating organic and healthy so gosh-darn easy and affordable! Today, I went there and went CAH-RAZY! My favorite purchases were the flattened bananas (one of the most delicious creatings to ever exist) and the Flax/Soy Tortilla Chips with Roasted Garlic Salsa. I had the chips and salsa for lunch, and ate them so fast there wasnt enough time to photograph it!

I also decided to make pizza for dinner…went with my stand-by toppings, carmelized onions, spinach, and BACON! Forgot to get the chicken, so I put extra bacon on for protein. Its all the same right 😉

Started with a store bought crust (I was hungry and impatient okay!). I went with a thin crust, I was looking to make a flatbread-esque dinner!

Toasted it nice and thoroughly then threw my favorite pizza sauce on:

Sauteed my onions, then through in the spinach and cooked it through and topped the pizza with it and some mozzarella/parmesan, cheese:

(Sidenote: I put it by the window for some “natural lighting”, HA!)

It came out crispy and PERFECT. This crust is so delicious and non-core friendly!!

Cut it up into 9 slices and enjoyed this with a 16 and Pregnant marathon on MTV!

Tomorrow is my birthday! Have a weeklong of celebration coming up–lots of dinners out! (Pictures to follow)
Tomorrow: watching the marathon and the Sox, what a day!


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