Our guest bedroom has become the dumping ground, the “things we dont know where to put” room. Especially since the stairway to the attic is there! If I am too lazy to bring it up there, it goes in front of the door. We also had an EXTRA bed in there (seriously), so the spare mattress and boxspring were blocking the attic door anyways.

Today, finally we got rid of the extra bed and all that goes with it (boxspring, mattress, pillows, all bedding). The people we bought the house from left it all for us at our request. However my awesome aunt gave us this bedroom set from the 1940’s that I love and fits perfectly in with our house! So the old bed had to go. They came and picked it up today which made it the perfect day to CLEAN HOUSE!!

Check it out…now there is pleeeenty of room to set up my massage table! I am standing more than halfway in the room, so imagine how much empty space is behind me! Not sure why I had to take the photo directly in front of the bed, ha ha. (iPhone photo post beginning here, and please ignore hideous wallpaper…after I finish the hallway, that room is next in line for a re-do!!)

The rest of my night looks like the following, and is a typical Tuesday night for me:

Correcting quizzes and Food Network!

And finally, I ran upstairs to take a picture of the guest room for y’all and came back down to THIS:

The littlest booger ate my red pen! Argh!

Phew, 3 hours of cleaning and I am beat! Mom-in-law and aunt-in-law are coming to visit in an hour though so Ive got to stay up for at least a little bit!!


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  1. Our guest room is totally our dumping ground too! Last weekend my two best friends surprised me by flying down for my bday and I was sooooo embarassed that I had to put them up in that room! I was all “ummm, yeah theres a bed in there for you…I think it’s behind my boyfriend’s tools and the three boxes of christmas decorations and all those bags of stuff for goodwill…” Guess what I’m spending my 3-day weekend working on?

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