Core friendly “pizza”

Had some Joseph’s lavash bread leftover from our Chipotle endeavor and wanted to use it up! So an idea was born–lavash pizzas. They’re low-carb enough to be core friendly AND they satisfied the pizza craving!!

Started with all the ingredients lined up…I found the most AMAZING store bought all natural pizza sauce–nothing but veggies in it, and so delicious! Also, like to use a little cheddar to mix up the cheesy goodness. Our toppings of the night: broccoli and ground turkey

Make sure to put the bread into a hot oven (450 degrees) first to start the crisp on the bottom (I forgot this part and it took forever to cook!!) Apply sauce and cheese, and while thats happening….George Foreman your turkey! We ALWAYS do this, it cuts down on so much fat…then you can use your leftover fats for things like salad dressing (or Whoppers!). Also, we used frozen broccoli on this pizza. Cooked it in the trusty microwave first.

And 10 minutes later, I was blessed with this. Soooo much guilt-free yum going on in this bite!!
(Please excuse pizza sauce on hand–I was in a rush to try this! Also, please note small dog in left hand corner of picture)

A slice of PW’s topping’ed dinner:

As far as I am concerned, this dinner is a STEAL while on the core. Pair it with a leafy salad and you’re good to go and left satisfied.

Here is the Core breakdown for one ENTIRE lavash bread (one rectangle of it, which is the bigger of the pieces in the uncooked picture above.)

Fat: 10 g
Carbs: 25 g
Protein: 45 g

Dinner took me 20 minutes fridge to table, not bad for a Monday night!

Quick opinion needed: Should I make pictures larger in my posts: Like, instead of the last picture of PW’s pizza above (consider that option 1), would you reader’s prefer this:

Option 2:

I am partial to the bigger picture…mostly because I am a foodie at heart and love up close and personal food pictures!


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