Not much to post today! Failed to take a picture of the pizza I made PW for dinner…broccoli/spinach/onion/ground turkey, it looked unbelievable!
And, after running 4 days in a row, I decided to take the day off. It was exceptionally warm (90!!! Unheard of in early April in MA), AND grades close Friday. Report cards are always a crunch time in a teacher’s life. I have a gigantic folder of thing that have to be graded AND then recorded! Ugh!!
Not sure which day this is happening, but a crockpot lentil soup is on its way. I love lentil soup…and y’all know I love my crockpot, so be ready!

The husband is watching a Kenny Florian repeat from last week on Spike (UFC)…Kenny is a QT2 peep as well, so its our civic duty to support him!! 😀

For now, I am going to enjoy this Harpoon Munich-Style Dark (need it after today!!), watch a little KF Ultimate Fighting (for reference….we are NOT UFC maniacs…ONLY kenny!), and then hit the hay!!

Tomorrow is another day…of torturing Math Students 🙂


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