A crazy day…and a crazy, Chipotle knock-off dinner

Pizza post did not occur…our oven broke 😦 It has since been fixed but it was a tough night food wise for me!! Was looking forward to that meal + blog post!!

This morning I got up and made a healthy bag of food to bring with me to school (a salad with chicken and raspberry chobani!), and headed in early. I wanted to get situated on how I was going to explain surface area, and how to interpret the drawings in their books. Day started off fine until about 10am. Then….boom, power outage. Full on blackout status. Then, the emergency lights came on. But we still had 1600 kids basically in the dark for an hour!! Ghost stories were told, yogurt was eaten, and all ended up okay in the end (lights came back on before lunch!), but it still set the day a little off-center.

So, despite all my prep, I didnt even get to teach my other Geometry class surface area!

I raced home in order to PICK UP OUR TV!!! Best Buy called while I was at school and after much to do, they told us to come on down and pick it up. I was SO excited to watch Law and Order on a 50″ screen tonight! But, alas, it was not to be. More fubar-ing occured, and we couldnt take it home. So I came home and ran out my frustration. Love the new route I found today!! Way less hilly and punishing then the other two Ive tried. It goes into Holden and there were approximately one billion other people out taking advantage of the weather. On a Monday afternoon! It was great!!

Decided to make something we havent had in a while for dinner…soft taco/burritos. We looove Chipotle, but its a little detrimental to the wallet. So I made a (way, way) more figure flattering version tonight.

One pound lean turkey (drain the fat too!!!)

While that was cooking, we munched on some really fantastic and ripe blackberries:

And sipped on “Mocktails” (it IS a monday night people!). Got that term from Kath at Kath Eats!
Ours were Pomegranate seltzer water with a splash of unsweetened Pomegranate juice!!

Instead of using a burrito wrap (can you believe Chipotle’s wrap has 9 grams of fat and 290 calories? In just the wrap?!), we used Joseph’s lavash bread. It has (per FULL wrap), 100 calories, 4 grams of fat, and only 14 carbs! (Thats important knowledge for you core followers!). It also contains flax and oat bran, yum! We love Josephs burrito wraps too….just as healthy!

And, to bring it a little more Chipotle-ness, we added some rice. Not white mind you, but a whole grain and wild rice mix. As a new addition to our soft tacos, it really brought it all together. Added some rice, and we were good to go!



There you have it…a REALLY fast, easy, delicious, core friendly dinner (15 minutes tops!), and cuts the fat AND calories from Chipotles version by over half!


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