Hold on to your seats, this post is a long one!

The basement….is DRY! This means we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming…aka normal life! As we did last night, with some much needed Shoe time, followed up with hanging out with a random concoction of my co-workers til late into the night! It was a good night, something different (then watching Law and Order on the couch 🙂 !), good company, and good food/drinks!!

But, let me back up to Thursday nights dinner. I decided to make some chili in the slow cooker. Like everything else I have ever made, I normally make it in a pot on the stove. I am sooo enamoured with this crockpot though, I decided to throw it all in there even though I only had 3 hours to cook it!!

Started out with a pound of lean ground turkey (I cook this first in a pan on the stove so I can drain most of the fat)…

While that was cooking I diced up one of these and tossed in the pot with just a little olive oil to get things going:

With that, in goes one can each of my three favorite beans (dark kidney, cannelini, and black eyed peas!) and some tomato sauce (not a fan of the chunky tomato!)

Throw everything together, smush it around with some cayenne pepper, cumin, salt, and pepper and leave it for a few hours

And then you enjoy this awesome, awesome, core friendly meal:

Im going to have to start making double batches of this, I think. It makes a really quick and easy reheated weeknight meal!!

While all of this was going on in the kitchen, the doorbell started ringing like crazy…I opened the door and our new neighbor was there!!! He wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood and brought us some HOMEMADE danish bread!! It was so delicious, danish cheese in the middle with frosting:

We devoured it in the math room at school!!! So so so good.
I love our neighborhood! Friendly neighbors, people out walking their dogs, kids playing baseball in the street. I feel like I am living in the 1960’s, not in the middle of a busy city!!

Yesterday, I brought this deliscioso (channeling Gia DeLaurentis there!) salad for lunch:

And, another highlight to my awesome Friday, I went and got gas at Stop & Shop. Using my points, this is how much the gas cost me per gallon:

Filled my nearly empty tank for $15 exactly! What a deal!

Now…I am out for a run in the new neighborhood. Tonight I am making my infamous spinach/chicken/bacon/carmelized onion pizza. And we have hung up a shower curtain! Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures and details on both events!


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