Explaining the absence

I get a new blog, and I am already AWOL from it!!

No, but seriously, we are in the middle of a flood. Like, build and ark, grab your dogs, and hop in kind of flood.

Our basement is taking a hit, like 80% of the rest of Massachusetts, and we’ve been trying to keep up with it since Monday!

I’ve been doing a whole lot of this (thats a wet vac!):

and NOT a lot of cooking!

That picture was taken about 7 hours into my vacuuming last night. le sigh. But still smiling, because there are a lot of people who are taking it WAY harder then us right now! 8, 10, 18 (!!) inches of rain IN THEIR HOUSE!

Bummed I had to postpone a couple of massage clients to take care of this though.

Thankfully, I have a pretty awesome family and my mom and aunt came to help us begin the process of draining yesterday.

The good news: it stopped raining! And Im making core-friendly chili tomorrow! With pictures!!


One response

  1. OH THAT so isn’t right for a new home owner to have to do! Look into french drains around the edge or a hole/bucket/crushed stone/sump pump deal. You should be enjoying your new abode, not vacuuming water!

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