The rest of Utah Day #2

The rest of my food today was not core friendly, but, totally delicious!!

Lunch was typical pre-IM lunch: SUBWAY! I went with honey oat bread, turkey, lettuce, and tomato (my usual).

Close-up of that inside goodness:

Snacked on some dried pineapple and dark chocolate over the course of the afternoon. While watching SIX episodes of My Super Sweet Sixteen. Hey, its carbo-loading/rest day. We are on house arrest! I didn’t JUST watch tv, I read some of my book, read some blogs, and answered some emails too!
But, really, these were the highlights of the afternoon:

By dinner time, I was definitely ready to get out of the house! Mikaela, Chrissie and I left the QT2ers to finish their pre-IM food for the day, we headed for a meal out! We went to Texas Roadhouse (nothing fancy, but we heard good things about it and had never been their before!)

The first thing I noticed…they give you free peanuts. And you throw the the peanut shells on the floor after. Weird.

I had a cup of chili (in addition to veggies and some steak fries which were delish!). The chili was spicy, but good!

Exciting announcement! I bought the domain today! So now, you can type that directly into your browser without needed the additional “wordpress” in the link.

Tomorrow is the big day! Probably wont be able to post on the blog (but Ill try!). I will be posting non-stop updates (ill be in the midst of the action) on my twitter! That Runner Chick’s Twitter!

I have 12 awesome peeps racing tomorrow! Good luck (even though they dont need it–they are ALL ready to rock!) to PW, Tim, Cait, Jesse, Michelle, Lauren, Molly, Keith, Kevin, Trent, Vinu and Scribs!!

Yeah QT2 Systems!

Will try to get in a post about the Core Diet this weekend too…with some before and after pictures!!!


A QT2 Breakfast!

This morning was the event that QT2 athletes wait for every season, the carbo-loading breakfast. 20 of us met up at this fine establishment:

Here are Alex, Anne, Vinu (and their adorable children), waiting for food!

Tim, Cait, Chrissie, Jesse, and Mikaela chowing down:

And the rest of our peeps (we took up a LOT of tables!). Kevin, Keith, Carlos, Dave, Pat, and Trent:

I was so excited when I saw a “fresh fruit bowl” on their menu! I ordered that bad boy right up, along with a half-order of french toast! While waiting for the food to come, I may or may not have finished off this entire pot of coffee (5 cups!)

Breakfast arrives!

The french toast looked so yummy, that I have to give you a big, close up, portrait of it!

The fruit looked good:

But it wasnt 😦 I only ate the watermelon, some of the grapes, and half the french toast!

Now we are hanging out at the condo, everyone is carbo-loading with their feet up. A pretty relaxed day is in store from here on out! Tomorrow is an EARLY morning, so hopefully we can all get in a nap!

Ill post the lunch/dinner/sitting around all afternoon recap tonight!

i am in UTAH!

After 12 hours of traveling, I am SPENT! However, I just had to update my blog. Because I am going to have a LOT of pictures over the next 4 days. And also because we celebrated my birthday last night (well, me, my mum in law, and sister in law), and I wanted to showcase the awesome gifts they got me!

We may have also celebrated with a lil non-core friendly cake (that was unbelievable!!)

Woke up very, very early to catch a 7:15 flight to Vegas. Boy, was that an interesting flight. People get really excited about visiting sin city. Like, drink at 7am to celebrate the upcoming fun. Other than that, the flight was uneventful!

The views when I landed though…amazing. I love the wild west. I love the mountains and the red rocks and the wide open NOTHINGNESS! There’s no undeveloped land in Massachusetts, but here, theres a lot of it. It is wondrous!

(Much better pictures of the landscape to come! Thats just a filler!)

A quick stop at Red Rock Bicycle to pick up Scribs bicycletta (a sweet P4), that is now set to race:

And saw this pretty sweet “floor sticker”:

Some pizza-gorging is about to happen in this double condo (we have 11 hungry athletes here!!), Until then, Pat will be relaxing in our bedroom with his feet up:

Tonight I predict a lot of sleeping. A lot. And tomorrow is the day of gluttony (carbo loading!!).

More to come…

Missed a day!

Had a tough go of it yesterday. The first day back from vacation is always a little off. Everyone is settling back into their schedule, and you cant expect too much at 8am from teenagers who have been sleeping until 1pm for the last 9 days! My day had a HUGE damper put upon it by some student incidents I found out about Monday morning and I spent the rest of the day in a sad fog 😦

Before I left in the AM though, I managed to snap a quick photo of my lunch:

Today got off to a better start. Spent a solid 3 hours (of prep time, not class time!) getting ready for my “vacation”. Only, its not really a vacation because I end up doing 3 days of work leading up to it all smushed into 1 day. Planning for a substitute with MCAS sneaking up on us is HARD!

Enough complaining! I cleaned out the refrigerator in preparation for such a trip and noticed an entire pound of strawberries I wouldnt be able to eat. So I pulled a PW, washed them all, cut the tops off and froze them for future smoothies! Fresh (frozen) strawberries instead of the store bought ones make the smoothie so much tastier!!

Strawberries also take the best pictures, look at that color!

Our fridge is in a sad, sad state now:

(Side Note/Helpful Hint: Did you know you are supposed to refrigerate walnuts? Yep! Got to keep those omega-3’s fresh and happy!)

Looking forward to seeing Vegas, the mountains, and a certain race!

Sad to leave the pups behind though 😦 At least they have each other

(okay that quote was lame but it was a good intro for the picture!)

Dinner/Lunch/Dogs at Play!

I forgot to post a picture of last nights pre-Gals High Out dinner! I wanted something filling so that I wouldnt be too enticed by bar food (I may or may not have had 1.5 potato skins but it could have been way worse!). I made this sandwich and it was deeeee-lish. I know, I know lunchmeat turkey has no nutritional value. However, it was awesomely tasty!

Sandwich: toasted roll, shredded turkey, 2 slices bacon, spinach, and tomato. YUMM! It was so filling I only ended up eating half!!

Today, I finally got the guacamole Ive been dreaming about! After talking about it on facebook, and then having my husband tell me about the fat-loading tomorrow night, the craving was intolerable! In fact, so much so, I didnt even MAKE it! I bought it pre-made at good ole Trader Joes (which by the way, it tasted way better than anything I could have made–with no artificial ingredients!).

I put it with some fat-free sour cream (I know, why bother? Needed something though!), and some re-fried beans. Again, a VERY filling lunch. Only ate the chips pictured, and couldn’t even finish all my dips!

(WARNING! Graphic Guac pictures to follow!)

A closer look at that avocado goodness:

STILL not sure what is for dinner! I have some stew meat Id like to use before Utah, so a quick beef stew may be in order. Or a meat sauce, not sure yet!

Spent a good chunk of the afternoon playing with these ladies:

Chloe, waiting patiently for me to throw the ball:

Kona will just do every trick she knows hoping it will entice you to throw the ball faster. She does “sit”, “down”, “paw”, and “up” in a loop (in that order!) until you throw it! Here she is in the “down” part of the cycle (Please note Chloe “grinning” in the foreground)

Inevitably, no matter who get to the ball first, Chloe will be in possession of it within 5 seconds! And then, she rolls around on her back with it in her mouth until Kona gets aggravated with her and attacks!

My idea for the rest of the afternoon involves a nap and some Law and Order watching 😉

Nothin’ a little caramel macchiato can’t fix!

Last night was fun…but now its definitely this kind of morning:

Not much on the agenda today! Soaking up all the leisure-ness I can (ie not getting out my pajamas!) before work resumes tomorrow!!

My plan is to:
-Go for a run
-Take a nap
-Make something awesome for dinner (not sure what this is yet!)
-Obsessively check the weather forecast for Utah
-Do some math. Yeah, I said it.

More later!

Am I really watching LA Ink as I type this? Yes. I am.

This morning I woke up and it was a beautiful day for a run. The kind of day that fools you into thinking summer is just around the corner (but a quick visit to and a 10-day forecast shows you otherwise!)

Our adorable street and killer hill were just begging me to hit the streets!

I pretty much NEVER run with music (ever! you can’t use it in a race…so why train with it?), but today I did. I had a solo Eddie Vedder craving so I brought my iPhone along for the ride. Took a couple of pictures of my route for you lovely blog readers:

I walked in the door STARVING and knew chili and soy/flax chips were the way to go!

A closer look at that dee-lish-us chili!

And the life-changing tortilla chips (6 grams of protein per serving in these suckers!)

I was definitely full after this lunch!

After cleaning the house and doing all the laundry today, I am definitely looking forward to a night out with my gals tonight!!

First Trail Run of the Year

I am extremely clumsy. Trail running almost always ends badly for me, but by the next time I want to go, Ive usually forgotten how ugly the last time was (and how much fun I had!). That was the case today. Once we started running my father said to me “remember the last time we did this? You fell down the hill, and then tripped into the river and had to run in wet shoes for the whole thing!”.

Oh, yeah. I remember.

Well, nonetheless, I had beautiful scenery and good company, so why not give it a shot!

Ran with these jokers:

(Dad is on the far right. Hi Dad! He is going to Germany tomorrow for TWO WEEKS with the Air National Guard!)

Here I am, just starting to remember how bad of a trail runner I am:

It was unbelievably scenic though, I had no idea this place even existed! We ride by it all the time, too.

We did about 50 minutes. It was treacherous in the beginning, but once we got over the “hill” (read: small mountain with a cliff!) it was awesome. We chatted the whole way, and I didnt fall at all! Progress my friends, progress.

Now for some Playoff hockey…go Bruins!

Superwoman smoothies and the snack of champions!

Last night all PW could talk about was the smoothie he was going to have for breakfast. Well, if you know me, you know I am a VERY easy sell when it comes to food! No subliminal messaging needed here, I woke up ready to slurp up some strawberry goodness!
Ive been reading a lot (A LOT) of blogs where oatmeal is the number 1 breakfast choice. Unfortunately for core-eaters, if youre not working out immediately, oats are too high on the glycemic index! (insert frowny face here!) here BUT, I wanted the same benefit as all those oat-eaters! I wanted to feel full and satisfied and not hungry an hour later. In my world (the QT2 world) that means….PROTEIN! No, no chickens were harmed in the making of my breakfast!

(Disclaimer: Oatmeal is a great healthy breakfast! Not insulting the oats at all. Just doesnt work on The Core. Keep in mind….December breakfasts are a WHOLE ‘NOTHER BALLGAME! Ill be rocking the oats and nutbutter come this winter!)

The star of my smoothie this morning (obviously!)

The supporting cast…

1 Chobani (this was 2% fat…gasp, the horror! No, but really, way tasty!)
3/4 cup fat-free cottage cheese
1 SPLASH apple juice (just to think it out)
1/2 cup soy milk (vanilla FTW!)
2 handfuls strawberries

Mix well and you have 33g of protein, all dairy and soy yes, but no powder and no meat! If you wanted to get REALLY risque you could toss in a scoop of whey protein and boost that protein count to 53!

(The recipe makes 1.5 glasses!)
It really was a delicious breakfast, not chalky (ahem, whey protein powder) at all! Ill let you know in tonights post (regarding this afternoons group trail run!) how long the lack of hunger lasted!

And now to the delicious snack. Passed down from Jesse, to PW, to me.

Need I say more? Who DOESN’T love fruit leather?! And its Trader Joe’s (wallet-friendly!)

In two delicious flavors:

Nothin’ but the (nutrition) facts:

A sweet treat (and I am hard to please, because I have the worst sweet tooth ever)!
6g of fiber and only 8g of sugar, win/win!

A couple of “trimmings” today

(This post is pretty picture heavy, so I went with a smaller sized picture to make it easier to manage! Click the picture for full-sized goodness!)

Today was the day to give both my husband and the lawn a haircut. To pre-face this post, you should know something about PW. He only gets haircuts before big races. In fact, despite having already raced this year (in March), it wasnt a “Big Race”. So…his last haircut was right before Hawaii. In September. Needless to say, he was getting a little shaggy! With Utah coming up QUICK, we had to fix that situation!

Yes, that is a plastic bag around his neck. We cut his hair outside because there was SO MUCH OF IT. And a trick we learned while cutting his hair in Lake Placid last year (Thanks Paul!), was to put a bag there to catch it!

A quick skim of a number 3 and he is READY TO RACE!

Doesnt he look FAST and ready to tear up that mountainous course?!

Second thing to know…I love to mow the lawn. Its pretty much the ONLY househould chore I enjoy. I despise laundry, and dishes (which is okay because I like cooking, and PW does the dishes, evening it out!), but mowing the lawn is A-Ok. Its all about instant gratification!

So today was 1) the first mowing in our new house and 2) the first mowing of the YEAR! this means summer is soon!

Heres our lawn before (first backyard pictures on the blog, woohoo!)

Addition: I love our yard. LOVE IT. It came with the fence (which is great for our pups!), and we live in the city. So having this yard is awesome!

A quick spin with our fast mower and its as good as new…

Thundershowers off and on today…I hate storms!