Today’s meals…sort of

Im kinda surviving on leftovers at the moment.  I made baked potato soup on Thursday and figured it would last me until today…which it did.  But, believe it or not, I am kind of bacon-ed out (I cant believe I just admitted that).  It could have been the fact Ive had a BLT for lunch at school for the last consecutive 4 days.

Or the ridiculous amount of bacon I put in the soup.

Or the bacon I ate while making the soup.

Anyways, heres my lunch today, the last serving of it.  Should probably call it a stew because its THICK! (that darn sharp cheddar!)

Also, my favorite spoon is in the picture!!

It was COLD today in MA! I refuse to turn the heat above 62 out of principle (its almost APRIL for goodness sakes!) so the dogs snuggled in the sun on the dining room floor to stay warm:

post stalking of the entire triathlon team, I decided to whip myself up a “warm weather drink”, so it would sort of be like I was in CA with them. And not in 30 degrees!! I used our new (ie old fashioned) “juicer” and made some fantastic lemonade!!! (in a Waikiki Lulu’s glass!!)
Just lemon juice, water, and sugar, its my favorite!

Tomorrow Im taking a stab at my first crockpot meal. Normally I make beef stew in a pan, in 2 hours. Tomorrow I try the 12 hour all day affair!!! Pretty excited about it…and documenting it.


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